Friday, September 30, 2005

In the still of the night

The other day, much to my despair and annoyance, I noticed one of my back hubcaps was missing (the car people, the CAR!). I have no idea when it fell off, let alone where it's laying naked without it's wheel and as yet, I'm still to find out how to replace it. How hard can it be? Ring the Ford dealership, tell them my woes...get new hubcap...wa la!

But THEN...driving up my street last night, I spied a car parked outside a house that's a few doors down from my own. I pulled up to the kerb (carefully mind you, can't have another one breaking free now can I?).

Me: "Hey, that red car over there...are those hubcaps the exact same design that we've got on our car?"
Cameron: "Um, dunno."
Me: *pushing him whilst gazing at the other car* "Well get out and go do some comparison."
Cameron: *sighing but opening car door* I don't see what difference it makes anyway."
Me: "Well, how do we know they didn't steal one off our car to replace one of theirs?"
Cameron: "Oh Mum"

He gets out of the car, walks around our car, then heads over to take a closer look at the red one. Hops back in passenger seat.

Cameron: "Yeah, they're the same."
Me: *mentally twirling my imaginary moustache* "Oh reeeeally?"
Cameron: "There's bound to be plenty of cars around with the same hubcaps. You shouldn't get all suspicious just because they live so close to us."
Me: *thinking, thinking, thinking*
Cam: "'re not thinking about stealing one of their hubcaps are you? That would be so many shades of wrong!"
Me: *snapping back to reality* "Of course not!"
Cam: "Good!"
Me: *looking sideways slyly* "But, YOU could."
Cam: ????

We continued to debate the issue whilst driving home and reversing into the garage. As I unlock the door to the house:

Cam: "You've got a warped mind, you know that?"
Me: "All you'd need to do is wait til it gets's only a quick walk down the street."
Cam: "What if someone SEES me!??"
Me: "Geez, don't freak out about it! I'd bail you out!"
Cam: *looking over the top of his glasses at me* "Ok, this joke is now being taken too far."
Me: "Look...I'm a single parent, earning a part time wage..with two teenage sons to car is now minus one of it's hubcaps. Dont you think it's a sign to have THAT car with THOSE hubcaps living THAT close to our house??"

Cam: *picking up phone and pretending to dial* "Hello? Is that the local mental institution?...I've got a special case here for you."

I'm losing faith in him as a teenager. There are far too many signs of him being a goody-two-shoes.

I am gonna have to whack that outta him somehow.
Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy HNT!

This is it for the day. I got nothing to add.

Ah well...still...better than a poke in the eye, right?

And speaking of pokes, how about the HNT people that come in here for a visit today, pin my map on the sidebar there. I'd love to see where yall are at!
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now you see me, now you dont

This is probably something you're already aware of, but possibly not using.

This is part of an HTML code for your posts or templates if you want to use it.

When you put a link in your post, if you don't use this type of HTML code along with that link, then the reader will be taken away from your the link. Of course, you want them to view the link, but if they click on it and they haven't read your whole post yet...well..sometimes they may not even come back to read the rest of your post. *gasp*

And who wants to be writing such wonderful posts, to find that readers only get as far as the link you've put on there, right? Imagine all the wonderful reading material they've missed out on??! Imagine sitting here writing all that magnificent material to find they don't read it all??! (*slaps hands on sides of face crying "OH NO!"*)

For example:

Let's say we linked my sweetheart Walker. We click on the 'link' icon while we're creating our post....the link box appears....we copy and paste his bloggy address into it, and click "OK". Great, he's linked. Now when you're readers click on that link in the middle of your post, they go directly to his page...hurray!

BUT by leaving out the code I'm about to give you, that means your page will now turn into his. Yet, they may not have finished reading your entire post yet. (No way!) A post you sat here for ages tweaking this way and that to get the words right...a post that you put your heart and soul into...possibly blood, sweat and tears have fallen putting that post together. *presses back of hand against forehead* "Please tell me it isn't so!"

Linking Walker will show something like this in your "edit HTML" window of the post you're creating;

(clicking this will turn your website into his)

BUT, if you put in target="_blank" after the second ", (which will look like this)

href=""(1 space bar)target="_blank">Walker

this will open a NEW window with Walker's site in it, and yours will still be in the background

I have removed the tags of <> at each end so you're able to see the code...otherwise it would look just show his name...and that would defeat the whole purpose of this lesson today. You can add it to just about any HTML to open up a new, videos, pictures. (Don't type the "space bar" bit, that's just me trying to tell you to put a space in front of the word target ok?)


Course, your tried and true bloggy friends will always navigate their way back to your page, to finish off reading the rest of your post....I've done it a zillion times myself, so I guess that makes me tried and true.

But lately....the amount of blogs I read that I have to keep going back to finish is starting to bug the crap out of me. Should the page you've linked, also have links in it's post, well shit...I can get lost amongst all the linkage. I can feel like I've been put to work on the chain gang *groan*.

Anyway, it's there if you want to use it. I do hope I've made some sense...if not, I'll blame it on the hyperventilating I did whilst cleaning out the cat litter box this morning.

I'm a lazy cow, and hitting the back button is causing me undue stress...which in turn makes me a mad cow.

An unsavoury morsel at the best of times.

(No offence to anyone, I love you all! I just wasn't sure if you were aware of it. Oh and one more thing...I'm hopeless at remembering to put that code in half the time myself, I'm forever having to go back and edit lol)
Monday, September 26, 2005

No smell? How is that possible?

I came home from work today to find 7 teenage boys strewn in various positions around my lounge. The house was all closed up, the temperature was fairly warm, so make that 7 teenagers stewing in their own smell in my lounge. Ok, it wasn't that bad, I wasn't overwhelmed with it or anything, but even so. Cameron had moved his computer out to the lounge, hooked it up to the tv and they were all glued to the screen when I walked in the door.

Except Ryan...who made it his business to walk straight at me as I entered...his finger at his mouth "sssshhhhh". So much for being the king of my home an' all that. Ah well, at least they feel comfortable being here...that's a good thing.

Right, change of subject.

A couple of weeks ago, the police turned up at work. They were enquiring about one of our patients. Apparently he'd not been heard from in a while and a relative from Auckland (near the top of the North Island) had become concerned about him. We hadn't seen him since the end of last year. turns out the guy's a bit of a recluse, lived down a driveway on a back section, and his neighbour (also much of a recluse) and him, had an agreeement that they would collect each other's mail if need be. The relative from Auckland turned up due to her concern...found the door locked and no answer. Called the police.

The police eventually got into the house, to find the patient....deceased...sitting up in his armchair! He'd passed away peacefully while sleeping in his armchair, and stayed that way for over 10 months...his neighbour continuing to collect his mail for that length of time!

Can you imagine?? 10 months??! You'd think that someone would've noticed an unusual smell, wouldn't you?

He was only 62 years old. How very sad to be dead for that length of time, and noone noticing. was a cheerful change of subject eh? lol
Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Letter To A Friend

Dear Fizzy

Some days life can feel like it's so much bigger than us.


Sometimes we can feel we've bitten off more than we can chew...


we feel trapped...


it's like there's something right there, but we can't quite put our finger on it.


There are days when our children don't want to know us.


Days when we feel like we're just one of the crowd.


And, Oh my god, the housework....


Some of us are plagued with bad hair days.

bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Brackendale, Squamish, Squamish River, Cheakamus River, Mamquam rivers, British Columbia, Canada

Quite frankly, some days we just don't want to face the outside world *sigh*


Then there are the really cool times.

Like, when we take off outdoors to spend time with our families.


Times we just want to sit around and ponder life and reflect on it's meaning.


These are the kinda days we feel exhilerated and free to mix with the big boys.


You my dear Fizzy, are one of a kind.


You can have the world chasing your arse...


and you still come up smiling.


Your caring, sweet nature...your drive to succeed and your love and compassion for your family and friends is a wonderful asset that will always draw people to you.

Not only do WE care so much for you...but so does the local Council (haha, couldn't resist, had to put this one in)


I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and sunshine.

This is my gift to you...Happy Birthday!

So what the gooney goo do you think of that then eh?

Love Lisa
Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh dear

Now come you REALLY think I'd go ahead and bare my body for the whole world to see? Well, you know what I mean...maybe three extremely drunk guys sitting at the foot of the stage. To them I'd be the best stripper they ever saw....even if all they saw were my hands floating back and forth on either side of the pillar.

I know there were a few of you, who that had your suspicions that I wouldn't do anything like that. The fact that the doubt was there is encouraging to read. Course, it also means you're not really sure I wouldn't be nuts enough to do such a thing....that's not a bad thing either I reckon. Keep the crowd guessing etc etc.

So, no, I've not signed up to become an exotic dancer. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just don't have the balls and bravado (same thing?) to subject the audience to my nakedness. It scares the shit out of me at the best of's surely going to horrify and cause trauma to them. They'd be scarred for life! There's be an upward rise of therapy consultations already, just at the very thought.

Bless you Monica, for having faith in me and keeping my bloggy morals in place. TG deserves a mention here of course too. I could see the expression on her face as she said out loud to herself "You. did. not."

I think most of you are well aware that Walker would actually rather commit armed robbery before he'd allow me to go dancing naked on stage, to get him to New Zealand. Naaah, he wouldn't go to that extent.

I ask you...could you really imagine our Walker as a scary gangster in black leather, waving a gun in the air and yelling in a gruff voice for everyone to freeze?? too.

Damn sexy image eh?


I've been a bad blogger friend this week. It may seem like I've not been around you much, but I assure you, I have been reading. I just haven't been commenting due to time constraints, a spot of illness etc. I'll try to do better with the commenting this week. Scout's honour.
Friday, September 23, 2005

The Bare Facts

Ya know I should start up some kinda weekly radio post....considering the amount of blog fodder I get from the radio on a regular basis. I listen to the car radio....reverse in a hurry up the driveway....slam the car door and run up the stairs to the house chanting "I've got a post, I've got a post". Works for me.

Polly mentioned she was sitting on a plane the other day next to an exotic dancer. Most of us know that means stripper right? Anyway, they got to talking and Polly asked the lady what songs she likes to dance to the most. I'm sorry I can't remember her response. But it got Polly to thinking that if she was a dancer what music would she like to dance to.

Polly opted for anything by Barry White. She reckoned that Barry White sings such sexy songs that everyone would get turned on by the music, and not notice that she may not be looking so sexy as she's taking her clothes off (I can kinda relate to that logic, although as far as I'm aware it's women rather than men that find Barry White's dulcet tones a turn on).

Grant said he'd want to strip to ACDC's "Thunderstruck". He thought that'd be awesome.

Personally, anything that has a sexy drum and bass beat will get to me. I've also noticed as the years fly by, what I thought was sexy in my younger years, doesn't touch a bar of what I'm affected by now. I confess that if the music were to my liking, it's possible not only my clothes would come off, but I'd be shedding my skin as well. Gotta be the right sounds though.

I will also admit I've never done a personal striptease act for anyone.

Him: "Would you strip for me?"
Me: " would depend..."
Him: "On what?"
Me: "Well...if you were expecting music to be playing in the background and me taking my clothes off in time with it."
Him: "Well...yeah"
Me: "Then...No"

And saying that, I'm prepared to do just about anything to get that Canadian hunk of mine here in the same space as me. So, this morning I filled out an application to dance at the local strip club. Just on Thursday evenings. Once a week should be enough. Baby steps. I know I've got enough cleavage to launch a thousand ships...well....enough to have dollar bills shoved into it anyway...probably never to be seen again, but hey beggars can't be choosers.

I'm going to request that the pole I use for gyrating against etc, be the width of something akin to the pillars of the Parthenon...that way I can hide behind it when I need to catch my breath. Besides, it'll be a great barrier for flying rotten fruit and veg.

I love to dance. I figure I can always close my eyes and pretend there's noone else in the room but me and the music. I'm polynesian, it's in my genes that I'm made to wear little more than a grass skirt and coconut bra. How hard can it be?

So what do you think? Have you ever done a personal striptease for your loved one? And if so, what music did you use? If not....what music springs to mind at the thought of you having a go?
Thursday, September 22, 2005



My HNT offering for the day.

It's 4.30pm Thursday here, so it's not an early posting, it's just that the rest of you are too slow on the time zone calendar lol

Straight from the shower...I give you....

my feet

To be honest, I'm not sure how many more of these I can take without the help of someone else. Look at the tension and position of those's obvious they feel under stress at trying to stay in one position long enough for their owner to take the photo! Poor babies.

Told you I had strong (read "flat and wide") polynesian feet, didn't I?

Perfect for walking across coral reefs.


I can't even walk across gravel without the expletives flying.

So the coral's a no go.

BUT...I reckon I could.

If I concentrated really hard.

So please don't let my sissy feet stop you from giving me a free ticket to an island of your choice.

Any island.

I don't mind.

Honest...YOUR choice...I'm THAT generous.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Angel of Mine

*ring ring*

Me: "Hello?"

Anna: "Hiya! I found another song I want you to download and listen to!"

Me: "For the wedding?"

Anna: "Yeah"

Me: "To walk down the aisle to, do you mean?"

Anna: "Yeah, Jason loves it too. I want to know what you think."

Me: "Ok...sure"

Anna: "Listen to the lyrics, they're awesome!"

I downloaded the song and listened to it wearing one ear of the headset, the phone pressed against my other.

I listened, she sat quietly waiting.

I listened and then attempted to speak to her. Tried to tell her what I thought. It was practically hopeless...I was envisaging her walking down the aisle to this music.

Over the lump in my throat I managed to croak out..."It's lovely" *sniff*

Anna: (to her co-workers in the background) "We've found a winner folks, she's crying!"

*bursts of cheers and laughter from the background*

How she expects me to be able to get up in front of the congregation and do a reading I've personally written about the two of them AFTER I've been subjected to the sight of her floating down the aisle to that song, WITHOUT crying hysterically is beyond me.

I refuse to be held responsible for my actions on that day.

(You may need to keep my site open in the background for a bit before you get to hear it. I think it could need time to do it's little buffer thing first. It stopped and started off and on, I had to keep clicking on the play button..then it played all the way through, so God only knows what's up with it. But I don't care, cos LOOK WHAT I DID!! lol)
Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A pinch of this, a pinch of that..mmmm, sure tastes good.

Walker and I have had a fairly rocky time together this past week. Couple that with the frustration of being so far away from each other...well...let's just say, it can create enough pent up energy and emotion to blow the top off a volcano that's been dormant for a zillion years. Course, this causes the "ash affect". Anything and everything in it's path will be touched as it scatters itself around on it's float back to earth.

Neither of us have been well this week. Besides the fact that I've been drowned thoroughly in PMS, my neck glands are up (having a spongey, swollen double chin does nothing to improve my demeanor). I have ear ache, and I've been coughing so much my throat is raw (I know this because I got Dr R to check me out at the end of my shift yesterday morning).

Walker has been very unwell, in fact he's been sick as a dog, hacking and coughing, having trouble catching his breath....sweating profusely (eww) with fever, his body's still healing and trying to recuperate from all the physical work of being cut and bent and pulled this way and that (not to mention a chunk the size of a golf ball now missing out of his side). Stacy, I know you'll appreciate it when I say, this is a man who is used to stitching himself up...what is it with some men? Is there a home doctor kit thingy us woman are unaware of?? The fact that he endured those days, to help earn more money to get to New Zealand is difficult for me to describe. It's tough enough hurting emotionally about the's another thing to hurt yourself physically to make it happen. It's a Catch 22. Yes I want him I don't want him to get hurt....but I want him here....but I want him unharmed *sigh* Do I love him for going to such lengths? Incredibly.

Anyway, suffice to say, put all the above into a big pot, mix it together and what do you get? You get a mangled mess of emotional outbursts; going to bed upset and angry; slamming down the headset; swearing and cussing....and a fair amount of stomping around the house, slamming doors; bashing down pans on the stovetop....and that's just him. Yeah, yeah, ok, I think you know me well enough....that was actually me *blush* point in trying to deny it. Yeah, I was pissed. At one point Cameron found his mother in the kitchen, yanking out drawers, slamming down pots, wrenching open cupboard doors....looking for things she couldn't find through tears. Bless him for not asking questions, stepping into the tornado and gathering me close for a hug.

The way I've felt off and on over the past week, and with my sweetie so ill, I would've loved to be there to look after him, bring him some hot chicken soup or something. At times I was trembling with frustration that I wasn't there to drop that bowl, heavy with soup, on his toe...only to fall to my knees apologising profusely...pick it up again....and throw it across the other side of the room to have it smash into pieces against the wall. Yeah, "OPA!" that then eh?. Betcha I could get that Greek smashing plate thing down to such a fine art, I'd show 'em a thing or two, I would.

We all know that there are upsets and arguments between loving couples. How they're dealt with is the important thing. Two people, both with strong personalities, both passionate about different subjects they strongly believe in and both prepared to fight furiously to try proving a point...well, that's a pretty solid recipe for the clashing of the titans. But..that's also the recipe for ...two people, both filled with the fierce determination of being in the same space at the same time...both aching continuously to be able to touch each other again...and both dying to put that spark back together to build up an inferno hot enough to rock their worlds.

For 90% of the time our relationship flows smoothly...we're like a well-oiled machine, all the cogs fitting into the right places, jugging along at the right speed, everything working in sync. 8% goes to the frustration of the distance between us....and the remaining 2% is due to sheer pig-headedness and stubborness coming to the fore. But what can he do? He loves me despite that anyway.

Now about that chicken soup bowl thingy.

Come sit beside me dear.

I want to trail my hand down your weary leg...pick up your foot...and kiss your toe better.

I'll leave you to clean up the mess if that's know I wouldn't want to ruin my manicure right?
Monday, September 19, 2005

For the first time ever...

Last night I discovered myself another celebrity crush. Yep, I sat there and watched the telly during NZ Idol and found myself pulled towards this young man. I wanted to jump into the television screen and grab this poor unsuspecting fellow and yell "Here I am!". You know those girls that you've seen leaping all over the roofs of cars and crying and screaming etc for the Beatles or whoever? (yeah I know...and yeah I am THAT old). I could see myself doing that over this chap. Oh yes indeedy.

He had a bloody good time singing that song last night...and I had a bloody good time watching him. And then at the end of the show, I did something I've never done before. For the first time in the history of NZ Idol, I voted. Yep, I want to see him win....because I want to see some more of what he can do...I want to continue seeing him strutting his stuff.

The two female judges were fanning themselves, the crowd had gone wild and the male judges were rolling their eyes at the affect he had on the ladies.

We're just little ole New Zealand down here ya know...but we've certainly got a load of talent in this here country of ours.

Nik Carlson

(click on "select video to view" and then the next one down "Top 06: Nik Let's Stay Together")

It's only a 33 second video, but it's enough to give you an idea of what I've been going on about today. What can I say? I'm a bit of a sucker for the muso's. I've enjoyed watching this guy come out of his shell more and more each week, he's loving what he's doing, and he's not arrogant about it (not like that dang Frank, who grated on my nerves no end, and finally got booted off by the nation last week, thank god).

Anyway, that's all I have today, I've just got home from work, and I have to go and clean up the cat crap in the bath. Nothing like some cat poop to bring you back down to earth eh? Pfft.
Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Can you hear me?"

Over the past couple of months, off and on, (which means, whenever we feel like it and we've the time), I've been reading a book to Walker over the headset. I can do this whilst sitting here in the lounge...I can stretch the cord of the headset to reach the sofa, so I have often ended up laying down on it while reading....and I can use my laptop set up in the bedroom.

Sometimes we just don't want to spend hours and hours in front of the PC, but we want to spend time together, so the laptops are ideal. Walker has at least 3 laptops in his house. One set up in his tv set up beside his desktop...and one permanently set up, upstairs in his bedroom.

This allows us some flexibility to spend time together, but not having to be upright when we're tired. I've been known to cook dinner while talking with him or sitting in my lounge chair, feet up on the ottoman, giving myself a french manicure. I've done many things with the headset attached to my head...about the only thing I haven't done is hang out the washing.

To begin with, we used to chat via the Yahoo programme, then discovered MSN had better sound quality. The problem we had is my ISP and the cost of it each month. When I switched from dialup to broadband I went on a contract stating that I would use no more than a certain amount each month. With 3 computer users and 4 computers in the this household, I felt that 5 gigs traffic a month would be plenty for us. Due to god knows how many downloads of music files (Ryan) and patches for whatever game Cameron is now stomping his way the voice chatting between Walker and myself, we sucked those megs down the ISP faster than you can say "OMG, we're gonna go over the limit again!" For each block of 500 megs over the limit I had to pay another $10...this can equate to a fair amount when you're supporting two teenage boys on a part time wage...and we're all contributing to falling over the limit by 4 or 5 blocks a month.

Month after month we continued to race past our allotted amount. Walker and I tried talking less....I spoke to both the boys about some of the sites they were visiting...we all attempted to do our bit to keep the usage down...thus keeping within limits. This helped a little, but we began feeling restricted in some sort of way. Cam was waiting impatiently til the roll over at the end of the month to see how many megs were left and if there were enough for him to download whatever patch he needed for Half Life 2 etc....Ryan was told that he had enough music files for the moment and under no circumstances was he to add to it. I was getting to hear my sweetheart's voice less and less. That was enough to make me throw a tantrum right there people.

I whined at Cameron.."Couldn't you find some other audio programme we could use that won't suck the megs out so swiftly??". Bless my son, he came to me one day to say he thought he'd found something. And indeed he had. He gave me the name of a programme that gamers use while running around buildings shooting and killing each other. TeamSpeak2. I downloaded my own personal server...gave the IP number to Walker and we were away laughing. The megs fell to a reasonable amount. Cam could download whatever he wanted...Ryan went back to adding to his music files. The birds sang, the sun continued to shine and the world was a better place. Yay!

Now Walker and I can talk whenever we like and we take advantage of this new found often as we can. It's not always possible of course, if you know what I mean *nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more*. When Walker connects to the server this lovely electronic female voice comes up saying "New Player". When I disconnect - "Your connection to the server has been terminated". When Walker disconnects I hear "Player left".

I started reading "Good Omens" to Walker a couple of months ago (Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman). It's about good and evil, angels and demons and the Apochalypse. Funny, lighthearted reading and told from quite an interesting perspective. This morning we were lying in our respective beds...only 10 pages to go...all the main characters in the book were coming together in one place, to take part in and witness the end of the world as they knew it. This is the time the TeamSpeak chose to start acting up.

Walker: "Eh? What was that?"
Me: "Can you hear me?"
Walker: "I can now, I think I missed something though"

I read back over the last few sentences

Me: "I hope you can still hear me, cos I aint reading that over again."
Walker: "No no, (silence) ok"
Me: "I'm getting hungry...are you hungry?"
Walker: "Yeah, but (silence) for (silence)"
Me: "Eh? What? What did you say then? it seems to be breaking up, I think the server's playing up"
Walker: "I said *raising his voice* I WANT TO EAT YOUR PUSSY!"
Me: *groan* "oh God, we're only 2 pages from the end of the book, we can't stop now"
Walker: "Yeah ok, keep going then"

*reading faster now but breathless and stumbling over the words*

Me: "One (silence) to (silence) now"
Walker: "Eh?"
Me: "Damn, (silence) is getting (silence)"

Lady Robot Voice: "Player Left" - dead connection.

Me: "shit...Shit...SHIT!"

Phone rings...I snatch it up in anticipation...

Me: "Walker?"
Cam: "Hi mum, I'm finished...ready to come home now"
Me: "Oh, hi honey, yeah ok, give me 10"

*beep, beep, beep*

Me: "Oh hang on Cam"
Me: "Walker?"
Walker: *voice dripping pure sex* "Hi Baby"
Me: "I have to go get Cameron now, he's on the other line...Sorry babe" *sigh*

Suffice to say, the book is going in the fire. Ok, that's a lie, I aint no book burner, but the thought helped, although it didn't allay my need. Pftt. I have no problem with the occasional blip on any audio programme as long as I get to hear him....and I have no problem with driving my son to work or collecting him when he's finished.

But come on! *smacks hands sharply* Timing, people! TIMING!
Saturday, September 17, 2005

This and other words...Nothing

Morning all...I've just dropped Cameron (16) off at work. Well, actually, he dropped himself off. Seeing as he's had bugger all driving experience, I've been making him drive down to the bakery each weekend to at least pick up some confidence behind the wheel. Considering it's 5.50am when he takes to the streets, there's almost always absolutely no traffic whatsoever. On the rare occasion that another vehicle is seen tootling along at that hour of the morning, he tends to become extremely rigid and I have strong suspicions that his heart rate triples.

Anyway, this morning is the second time he actually drove to work with a good amount of confidence and the speedo even reached over 40km (last weekend was the first). I'm thinking now he could be ready to take on the motorway during peak hour traffic. Well, maybe not yet, but it's a goal to work towards.

I don't have a helluva lot to impart today, so I'm going to leave you with this and head back to bed. Should you be coming into read me on a regular basis, or whether you're just passing through by clicking "next blog" so kind as to click this link. Just by clicking on it, you will pass your vote on my site...last time I mentioned this, you all shot me to number two on the Clix I'm feeling less greedy and would just be content to get on the front page lol.

If you're feeling in a generous mood and you've not already done the map thing, perhaps you'd also like to click on the button on the right there in my side bar ("View my Guestmap, Place Your Pin") and make your mark on my world. If you do so, please be sure to leave the link to your website...that way, I can come on over and have a visit.

And speaking of links, I'm about to update my blogroll and add a few extras on there that I've been reading lately, but been too lazy to bother doing anything about. If you're not on my list and would like to be, feel free to bring it to my attention in the comments section (or email if you're shy) and I'll add you.

Right, I'm off back to bed...have a good weekend yall!
Friday, September 16, 2005

One Hair At A Time

Right, firstly, let's get all the grumpy stuff out of the way. Don't panic, I aint gonna be harping on like I did yesterday, it's ok...oh....come back! *sigh*

Thanks to all those that weathered my emotional blah de blah yesterday and commented. You guys rock! I am truly blessed to have such sporting and good hearted people read me and for this I am grateful. It's good to know we can say whatever the fuck we like (oh, can I say "fuck"? oh yeah, fucken right I can, cos this is my blog, we established that yesterday, doh). I'll start's good to know we can say whatever we like, about whatever we like. Rant, gush, whatever, it's all good.

Last night I spat out that post, then went offline to settle down and watch some telly. During this time, I attempted to pluck my eyebrows. Now, I don't have bushy eyebrows, but it'd been a few weeks since I'd touched them. Each morning before work, as I put the little amount of make-up on that I wear, I'd think "Shit, I mustn't forget to do something about that before they take over my face". Ok, it wasn't that bad, but you get my gist...there was a bit of tidying up to be had in that department.

Any of you had your legs waxed (or wherever) when you're pre-menstrual? Yeah, that's right, I'm pre-menstrual....who knew??! hahaha, you all shoulda known by the way I over reacted yesterday. But hey, who would've dared to mention that? And I sure as hell wasn't going to say it on my blog to give anyone ammunition lol. Ah well, I'm sure my readers are aware I'm a sensitive soul at the best of times, let alone at this time.

Anyway, I digress...kinda...sorta. I started off with the tweezers and wouldn't you know it...each and every damn hair I plucked out hurt like a SON OF A BITCH! I already know that it's not wise to do the waxing/plucking thing at this time...every part of our bodies is that much more sensitive than usual (hence the great sex that can be had while PMSing, WHOOP!).'s done now...despite the swearing, eye-watering and sneezing etc, I now have two finely 'tuned' eyebrows to leave the house with.

It's Friday here Down Under....yet I know it's still Thursday where some of you are. And due to it being Thursday still in other countries, I'm going to post my first and possibly only pic for HNT (half nekkid Thursday). This is a combination of one of my favourite funky, chunky pieces of jewellery (made of natural paua shell), with a smidgeon of my cleavage....enjoy! Or not. I've uploaded it as a small pic....can't have you being overwhelmed by it now can I?

Picture 186a

Have a great day/night everyone...I'll be round to see you all after work tonight. Over and out!
Thursday, September 15, 2005

Post Traumatic Syndrome

Thanks to all those that commented on yesterday's post. I appreciated each and every one of your comments. Really I did. It's always interesting to view other's perspectives on what I write and the subjects I write about it. I won't finish off replying individually to the rest of your comments if you don't mind, I'm afraid I'm feeling in a rather grumpy mood tonight.

It seems that I have offended some people with my post yesterday.

This was certainly not my intention. I have no excuse for the 'tone' that I wrote it in. I was short of time and I didn't read back over it to check if there was a possibility that anyone would take offense to it. When I choose to write about the more serious issues in life, I tend to read those posts over and over again, look at them from as many angles as I can, and then if I'm comfortable with them I hit publish.

Yesterday however, I wrote that post with one eye on the clock almost the entire time, and I hit publish. It didn't 'feel' right but I had little time to play with it. I basically published and ran.

Right this moment, my mood is leaning more towards the "pissed off" side than the "I understand what you're saying" side. I'm feeling irritable that I could be misunderstood to such an extent. Yet it's my own fault because I chose to publish it without 'softening' the aggression I finished off the post with.

Yes, I get fed up with SOME men and their attitudes towards women's personal problems.
Yes, I mentally roll my eyes when SOME men can't even handle hearing words such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and uterus. Do these same men continue to be uncomfortable about hearing the words liver, kidneys or lungs?
I don't have a problem with the words scrotum, testicles, penis or prostate. They're part of the male anatomy and I LOVE the male anatomy, so why would I feel uncomfortable upon hearing those words?

I was not minimising the health dangers that the male body can face. I was merely concentrating on the one issue of the cervical smear and what women deal with. I won't pretend that I know exactly what takes place during a prostate check. I'm not keen to have one to find out. Men can't possibly know what it's like for women to have a cervical smear...they don't have a vagina, so how can they be expected to know?

What I do know is that cancer is cancer. It can and will be deadly no matter what part of the body it rears it's ugly head in...and more specifically, for the benefit of those that read the post below....regardless of gender. Neither sex has a super duper cancer shield to stop their bodies from the possibility of it striking.

Ok, I may have been too harsh with my second to last paragraph. For that I will apologise. I'm sorry if that struck a chord and sounded like I had no knowledge or sympathy for men and what they endure. I'm sure it can't be easy to have some of the examinations you also have to deal with.

I will not however, apologise for bringing this subject to a forum where others can be educated or reminded of what needs to be done. I try my best to accomplish this as lightheartedly as possible, with a few laughs/smiles thrown in. I will confess I am known to walk around to the deep end of the pool and fling myself in at times. I do this without thought as to whether I'm going to swim across to the other side, or sink rapidly to the bottom. I am known to say my piece regardless of who is listening and whether I think they may agree or not.

At this point of time I'm upset and pissed off that I feel it necessary to explain myself. This is my page, I'll say what I like. No, I don't want to upset anyone, and I certainly don't like offending anyone. I'm not stupid enough to think that we all feel the same way about everything. I welcome all my commenters regardless. I respect your thoughts and feelings.

This post is now filled with some of mine....and any future posts I write, will continue to be that way.

Yeah I know, I'm sounding all sensitive and beat up...but make no mistake, I'll get over myself before the night is over.

Now, give's a hug, then we can kiss and make up *mwah*
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Womens 'Bits'

This morning on the radio, the DJs were discussing cervical smears. Polly has to go to have one at midday today, and the for the past couple of days they've been discussing this issue off and on. Polly's decided that she's going to have a microphone in the surgery while she has her smear today.

Then this morning she receives an email from her Boss. He said that she needs to remember that between the hours of 8 and 8.30am in particular, that there are a lot of families listening in. He went onto say he wasn't feeling too comfortable about her having a microphone present and what did she think about doing a 'mock up' of it instead?

Polly's pissed about this. One of the reasons she's been discussing this on air is because cervical cancer is increasing. It's an important issue for us women, and for a man, any man, to feel uncomfortable about her discussing it hacks her off. So what if he feels uncomfortable?? How the hell does he think WE feel about it? We're the ones laying on the beds with our legs open.

Cervical cancer is a very scary and real fact. It's necessary for us to look after ourselves and keep all those bits trucking along in the most normal way possible. By having smear tests, it allows us to know if anything needs medical attention...and if not, it gives us peace of mind that we're doing ok for now.

I'm due for a fact I was due 6 months ago, and like the idiot that I am, I've been putting it off. When I switched doctors years ago, I transferred to Dr Tim. Prior to that Dr Martin was the only one I was 'comfortable' with seeing me from that angle (besides my husband). So when I transferred, I would always go to one of the female doctors to have my exam. I told Dr Tim that I would eventually get up the bravado to have him perform it, but for now, I just wasn't ready to drop my pants for him. He's a fabulous doc and we all love him to pieces...but I'm still not ready, so I continue to go to the female doctor.

The anticipation of the examination is far worse than the procedure itself. The whole thing is over in a matter of minutes. The build up to it can put pressure on us to shower several times that day and despair anytime we go to the toilet, because we feel that means we're going to have to shower all over again. I mean, what if there's a piece of toilet paper stuck there that we've missed?!

Here's part of my converation with Dr Martin the last time he did my cervical smear:

Doc: "Just relax"
Me: "Yeah right, thats easy for you to say"
Doc: "Try and think about somewhere else you'd like to be"
Me: "Anywhere but here"
Doc: "Think of a sunny beach with swaying palm trees or something"
Me: "I'd rather be in a dungeon with sewer rats running around me, than be here."
Doc: *exasperated* "You know? you're going to give me a complex about this."
Me: "You know you could warm up the bloody instrument before you did that!"
Doc: *sigh*

The other thing we have to think about is where do we put our discarded panties while this is taking place? This bugged me for years....despite the fact that I was about to let the doc see my most private parts, I didn't need for him to see what I housed them in. Who out there hasn't worn their best underwear to the see the doc on that day huh?? (You men can hush up, you know I wasn't asking you lol.) Come on, you all know we take our knickers into consideration for this exam too. Anyway, I finally found somewhere to put mine...and that's under the pillow my head rests on. They're hidden away...doc doesn't see them, and that makes me happy. There are just some things they don't need to know about I reckon.

I know some men are extremely uncomfortable just at the mention of words such as ovaries, fallopian tubes or cervical smear etc. It can actually cause them to shudder.

How about you lie down and let us shove a cold speculum up ya bum? Then we'll 'wind' it open, so we can have a really good look. We'll take a little stick and poke it around in there, scraping the walls etc, place the stick in a skinny wee tube and send it off to the lab for diagnosis.

Course, there's no need to wait for the lab results to come back. Those that feel so very icky when hearing about womens parts...or those that refuse to listen to what their partners go through and have even been known to leave the room...are full of crap anyway.

You know what I think? If those that are unhappy about hearing such words still want to play around with our bits down there, then just bloody suck it up and deal with it.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Question and Answer Time

This is an update on things you may have been wondering about. I just know that you spend most of your day thinking about me and my life, so it's bound to have crossed your minds.

1. Whatever happened to the young guy at work that you were bitching about the other week?

After the first balls-up of him arriving so late that first Monday (after I returned to work, he'd already been working there a couple of weeks), I spent the next few days bossing him around. I told him I didn't know what he knew or what he didn't know, so if he could please put up with me telling him what to do, I'll eventually find out. I also told him to feel free to boss me back and to tell me if he knew that already.

He wanted to apply for the job, so over the course of that week I talked with him about the necessity of being on time for each shift...I helped him with the various procedures around our office...and I explained so many protocols about the why's and wherefores of just about everything I could think of. Whenever he asked, I explained and assisted til I was blue in the face....and I did it in the nicest way possible. I had to repeatedly tell him to stop poking his fingers and pens at the plasma monitors...and I explained why he shouldn't do it. At one point I told him I was going to have to smack his hands if he continued to do it. I used a joking tone of voice, but I was willing to smack them for sure. By the end of that first week with him, I was ready to smack him in the head, let alone just his hands.

By the end of the next week I told the Practise Manager I had got to the stage where I was going to refuse to work with him. He never listened...he did nothing other than answer the phone and greet people...he sat there texting god knows who on his cellphone...or going out on breaks at the worse possible times. He told me he didn't smoke, but each time he came back from a break he reeked of cigarette smoke. He also said he was 25, but slipped later on and mentioned something about him being 20. I was way passed trusting him to do anything.

The practice manager by then was ready to pull her hair out about him....when I went to see her that day....her response was "Well, he's just going to have to go then....I'll do it today". And she did. So for the time being, the rest of us are covering the shifts he vacated, and we're happy to do it because we'd all had enough.

2. Did you ever send out the postcards on the deadline Friday?

No...due to a stinky headcold, I spent most of that Friday in bed. The postcards were eventually sent out on the Tuesday (6th Sept). Mr Haney received his on the 10th, which I mentioned yesterday, so I guess that means the rest of you will be getting yours shortly if you haven't received it already. (Schotzy, Kathryn, Gabby, Maria T, Don, Monica and June)

3. Where's this picture of your Dad you said you were going to post?

As an extra bonus, I've given you one with my sister in it too. Don't tell her though, she may want to hunt me down and hurt me. Unfortunately, she knows where I live.

These are taken in the orchard...I'm not sure whether my Dad is waving 'hello' at me, or whether he's waving 'get away!'...but I had to take this particular pic to show you all how hard he was working.

4. Why don't you visit Denny's site very often, if at all these days?

Because each time I go in there now, for some unknown reason, the music jams, my Internet Explorer crashes, and everything has to be shut down so I can get back on again. Sorry Denny, I don't know if it has anything to do with your site or my PC, but I've purged my IE temporary files etc, defragged til the cows come home and it's still doing it. My PC's not that old, and it's got plenty of grunt to it, so I've no idea why it's happening.

5. What about the alcohol and teens thing? Did you come to a conclusion as to what to do about it?

Yes, I think so. From the wonderful feedback I was given, I deduced it was best to allow them to have the occasional drink on special occasions to help them learn about alcohol and how to drink responsibly and rationally. This last weekend, while up at my sister's place I allowed them both to have one bottle of Peach Archers. The stuff's like lolly water. In theory it seemed good to give it to them....the reality of seeing them with the bottle at their lips was another thing altogether. I didn't feel comfortable about seeing it happen...but that's not to say I'd rather they did it where I couldn't see them. I'll get used to it eventually...but for now, it's only going to be the exception rather than the rule.

6. Do you have anything left from the parcel that Katya sent you?

Toffee - hell no
chocolate - about 4 pieces
pear drops - half a pack cos I'd hidden them
picture frame - in place on the bedroom drawers
pen - right beside me.


Right, I think that's a long enough post for now. If you've any questions you want to ask me, go for it. I'll decide whether or not I want to answer them, once I've seen what you want to know lol

Now I'm going to take advantage of the time I've got and come round and read those I've missed in the past few days.
Monday, September 12, 2005

Congratulations to the Whitt's!

I'm hoping to get around you all and catch up later tonight. I've visited most of my favourite sites and caught up on what you've been doing, but I haven't commented as yet. Course, by the time I can return to you later this evening, my comments will be null and void because you've bound to have posted something else.

Oh, also just wanted to let the postcard people know that I have in fact posted them out (that's the cards, not the people). I keep meaning to let you know, but then I kept forgetting, doh. I posted them last Tuesday. The amazing thing is...Mr Haney sent me an email this weekend, to say he'd received his on Saturday. That's only 4 days after I sent it! Pretty impressive postal services I reckon.

Anyway, the only site I did comment on when I returned home on MY Sunday evening (not to be confused with YOUR Sunday evening), was Michael Whitt's.

Danielle Jade Whitt finally arrived this weekend. Saturday, September 10, at 8.41am. She tipped the scales at 7lb 9oz...18 1/2 inches long.

I say "finally"...not because she was fact she was almost two weeks early. The "finally" is because we've been hearing about her and reading about her for the past lord knows how many months.

Ya know? it's just typical that this happened while I was out over night. I've been in and out of that site on a daily basis (sometimes more), waiting, waiting, waiting. I go north for the weekend and "BAM!"...she arrives. Although I'm sure she didn't arrive quite with that sound affect.

Would be lovely if you could go over and see Michael and throw balloons, streamers and put on a virtual brass band fanfare etc, to welcome him and his lovely wife Kim into the world of Parenthood!

Here's a link that you can click on to see Dani, she's absolutely gorgeous, well covered, not all wrinkly like some teeny weeny babies can be...and what's even cuter, is that Michael did a couple of very short audio blogs that you can hear. He's doing them just after he found out that Kim had gone into labour, so they're kinda rushed, but we ALL know what that feeling's like right?? lol You need to scroll down the page just a little to see them.

Man, I just love wee fabulous is it that we've all been privvy to so many being born in our bloggy world of late? Those Christmas and New Year holidays must've been pretty damn good last year huh?
Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not Smelling So Sweet Afterall

I had a lovely Saturday/Sunday with my Dad, my brother-in-law and both my sisters. My younger sister also lives up the coast, so she came up with her two kiddies both days and we had the chance to catch up. It was wonderful.

Right now, I'm a bit on the tired side. The weather was GLORIOUS and sitting out in the sun has drained me. All that sitting around and chatting, whilst watching my brother-in-law working hard putting down paving stones was quite exhausting really.

I discovered this weekend that my brother-in-law is somewhat of a pyromaniac (my 5 yr old nephew is also showing major signs of this). Unfortunately, I didn't capture any evidence on camera. There was a fair amount of scrub being burnt, so instead of coming home smelling sweetly of apples, I stink of smoke. I'm not bothered in the least, it's not like I've never smelled of smoke before lol. I'll write a little more about it in the next couple of days.

I stole this off FredandFreds' site. This is a pretty fun blog actually, he plays games on it each week that we can participate in. I've seen the letter before, but it gave me a laugh, so I'm hoping it will do the same for you.

Now I'm going to bugger off to the shower. Toodle oo!
Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Please leave a message after the beep"

I won't be around much at all this weekend, if at all. I have to word it that way, cos if I tell you I'm not going to be here at all, and then suddenly turn up without warning, you'll all brand me a liar. Not a good look.

My Dad's in town, which means he's come over from the South Island to the North Island, and staying up the coast with my older sister. My oldest sister and her husband bought an apple orchard a couple of years ago. My Dad, now retired and living with Mum in the apple orchard metropolis of kiwiland, has come north to impart some of his apple wisdom. This can be translated his 72 year old body tirelessly for the love of the great apple god...and...get's in the way constantly.

My Dad is a full-blooded pacific islander. He comes to us from Niue (yeah I know, I'd never heard of it before I was born either)'s one of the tiniest islands in the pacific. It's claim to fame being that it's the largest attol in the Pacific. In fact, on this side of the globe, it's known as the "Rock of Polynesia" (told ya I was from tough stock didn't I?).

Dad's been in New Zealand for over 50 years now, but he still has the accent of his homeland. My sisters and I have teased him mercilessly over the years. He's so very gullible, and hot damn that's fun to play with!

I will elaborate on this at some stage and post a pic of this white-haired love in my life, but for now, the boys and I must away and join him up north for the weekend. We must make sure we have our time with him while he's up the very least so we can poke fun at the old man.

I will return on Sunday evening. I'll likely be smelling of apples and have a sore back from sleeping on the floor with the kids...but I'll be content and happy to have been squeezed tight and seen the smile of unconditional love that we bestow upon our children. Only this time...I'll be on the receiving end.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Package?! For Moi??! From Where? Wow!

Yesterday when I arrived home (after saying hello to all those present), Cam told me a parcel had come for me. A parcel? For ME?? How COOL!

Sitting on the table in the dining room was a package wrapped in brown paper...and it came to me all...the...way...from...ENGLAND!!

I would show you a photo of how well it was wrapped, but without thinking I immediately launched myself upon it and 10 seconds later it was looking like this.

Sorry, but the adrenalin of the excitement got the better of me...and I started ripping it apart before thinking about how good it looked just as a parcel.

The below is the contents (sorry bad lighting always makes for bad out-of-focus pics in the household of Internet Lovers).

The pear drops are the first thing I opened. I had to really. I do believe it was a comment I made about never having heard of pear drops before that prompted this package on it's journey to Down pear drops had to come first. Very yummy!

Now...the Thorntons toffee was a different matter...through the packet, I could feel it was kinda one big 'lump' of toffee. Wow, Katya must have a big mouth to be dealing with this kind of sweet, I'm thinking. I turned the pack over and on the back it says "To enjoy this product at it's best, tap prior to opening". Oh, ok... that sounds like a plan. I have to say here...'tapping' is not the word I would use. To tap something is to poke sharply at it as far as I'm concerned. Tapping this toffee wouldn't have achieved much. So while Ryan sat beside me laughing his arse off, I smacked, pounded and slammed the bag against my computer desk until it felt like it had broken up into many pieces.

Yep, it worked a treat (get it? haha) and may I just say that smashing it down on the desk like that, was great for releasing the tension I had after my afternoon at work. A win/win situation. Ryan and I enjoyed a piece each, then I went down to Cam's room (vacated by the buffoons now...God knows I aint gonna be sharing MY sweeties with was a push to let my children partake). "Would you like to try a piece of this?"..."What is it?"...."It's toffee...Katya sent it to us all...the...way...from...England!"..."Yeah? Awesome".

Before I gave him a piece I had to tell him about all the bashing and thumping we'd done to break it up. During this, his eyes were darting between me, the toffee bag, and his computer screen. I was almost impressed he didn't go crosseyed with all the optical activity. I put the bag under his nose...which resulted in his eyes then darting between the screen and the contents of the bag. The sweet smell of the toffee won. He paused the game. I snatched the bag away. "I'll choose a piece for you, just in case you had any wild idea about getting a really big piece".

Ryan had followed me (ok, we ALL know he was following the toffee bag) into Cam's room...."She's the lady that sent the postcard from Alaska right?"..."Good memory Ryan, yes that's Katya"..."Cool, that means I just earned another piece of toffee right?"

The dairy milk chocolate remains the moment. Never seen the shortcake biscuit variety over here, but we're looking forward to getting into it. The picture frame is lovely, and actually matches the linen on my bed...thus I am going to find an appropriate pic to put in it and place it on my bedroom drawers. The pen I got has Winnie the Pooh on it...I just KNOW that Katya sent this one in particular to me, because she's aware of my love for Canadians lol.

One thing I did notice before I ripped the paper from this wonderful gift, was the amount of postage. It cost over 10 pounds to get to me. Postage sucks doesn't it? First time I sent a parcel to Walker, it's cost me over $ time I actually sent him anything it cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars...but then, I was sending myself, and postage is based on weight afterall, so stands to reason.

This morning the kids come into the lounge in various stages of dressage. Ryan looked at the toffee bag pointedly..."That toffee sure is nice eh Mum?" *big grin*...."Have either of you had any breakfast yet?". They rush off to the kitchen and come back, Ryan sucking on a tetrapak of breakfast 'shake'...Cam munching on a piece of bread. Cameron between chews, eyeing up the toffee bag..."Yeah, that toffee sure is good".

Katya, thank you ever so much for this lovely gift of goodies. I was absolutely thrilled to receive it. I know you don't have any children of your own...but I do believe that you've just inherited two surrogate sons from New Zealand. Let me know when you're'd be my pleasure to cough up the postage and send them over. Don't fret about what to feed seems they'll live on toffee alone.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Talking Alcohol, Take 2

I never thought too much about the response I was going to get to yesterday's post while I was writing it. Yet, I'm not surprised by the responses either. Thank you all so very much for offering your opinions and sharing your own stories with me. I appreciated each and every comment you made. A special thanks to Gabby, who wrote her post yesterday for me. Thank you also Gabby for 'trackback'ing me. First time I've ever had a number next to the trackback option...a small thrill for me, but a good one nonetheless lol.

Several years ago I was invited to my friends' son's 16th birthday party. She had decided she would serve some alcohol and rang around the parents of the kids that were invited to ask if they were opposed to her doing this. From what I can gather the majority had given their consent...the few that weren't happy about it kept their kids away for the evening.

The party was well planned, and there were about 2 adults for every teenager there. I know it sounds like it was more of a party for the parents than the kids, but we were kept busy trying to keep things under control. There was more than enough food, yet I don't think the kids were eating much at all, if anything. As well organised as it was, there was obviously too much alcohol present.

Half way through the night, we had teens spewing their guts up in the garden; teens tripping over other teens that were passed out on the dance floor; girls sobbing miserably over this boy or that boy and a variety of dramas unfolding before our eyes. One young man actually opened the french doors with his body as he fell through them, and lay there half in, half out....face down on the patio...vomitting in his own hair before I had the chance to bend down and hold it back. What came out of his mouth was completely devoid of food matter, it was all alcohol.

How this happened is beyond me. We all knew we'd have to keep an eye on these kids, yet somewhere between handing out (uneaten) food and tidying up messes before they got too large, these kids had managed to achieve the very state we were trying to avoid. It made me feel that we needed several pairs of eyes to be certain we saw everything, but let's face it, they're sneaky devils...if they want it to happen, they'll sure as hell find a way to make it happen.

As your comments came rolling in yesterday, my head was expanding with all the information you imparted. Later on a couple of Cameron's mates came over, and much to his despair, I asked them what the deal was with their parents and alcohol...more precisely, how their parents felt about them drinking alcohol. Did they get the occasional drink on special occasions, or were they able to drink whenever they felt like it? Did they think it was cool to drink? Did they know if any of their peers were drinking on a regular basis or even getting drunk?

Yeah I know what you're thinking "No wonder Cameron was embarrassed"...right? I didn't want to shame him in front of his mates but hell, they all think I'm loopy anyway, so I figure he'd just explain it away like that...again. *sigh*

Once his friends left, I went down to his bedroom to apologise...despite the laughter that was happening during my chat with his mates, I had seen a scowl and a frown here and there from him. I opened his bedroom door to be halted by the 'look' know?...the 'look' that I've perfected's not so nice being on the receiving end I can tell you.

Me: "I'm sorry's a subject that's been on my mind for a while, and you are getting to that age now you know."
Cam: "Yes, but I'm a responsible person Mum....and my friends are responsible people."
Me: "Yes and I trust that you will make the right decisions when it comes to this because you ARE responsible. But please understand, that as your mother, I am going to worry about it, and I needed to approach this subject with you at some stage...."
Cam: "Yes of course, but...."
Me: "I can't just ASSUME you know what to do in every given situation Cameron. It's important that I hear your views out's reassuring for me to know you and I are on the same page."
Cam: "Yes ok, I understand that. But I don't agree with you bringing my friends into it. What happens in their households doesn't mean that we should craft how we do things in our house. Every family is different and they have different perspectives..."
Me: "Yes, I agree..."
Cam: "What works for them doesn't necessarily mean it will work for us. Trust me on this Mum. If I want any alcohol, I'll let you know."
Me: "Ok, I'm glad to hear you say that. I'm sorry hun, I won't do it again."
Cam: "No problem but you better not." *glare*

This afternoon I came home from work to find 5 buffoonish teenage boys crammed into his bedroom. I instantly feared for the contents of my pantry....was there anything left in it?! (Yeah, I was hungry when I came home today.) Once I'd said hello to the boys, I went to my room to change out of my work clothes, and knocked on his door again.

Cam: "Come" (oh whatever *snort*)
Me: "Soooo....about this alcohol issue then..."
Cam: "Hey!"

I closed the door and walked away laughing....ha! he makes it so easy...soooo easy.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Alcohol and Teenagers

I've been thinking about my boys growing up (as ya do). Or more precisely, about alcohol and my children growing up and thinking about their consumption of it.

When does this start? I mean, I know the laws and legalities of what age they're allowed to start drinking in public, but now that they're older, should I be introducing it to them at home slowly in some sort of way?

Years ago when they were about 11 and 12, Anna and I took them out for dinner at a local restaurant and I ordered a shandy for them both (mixture of beer and lemonade for anyone who does know). I told the barman to put more lemonade than beer. I just wanted to show them it was ok to have a little bit, and that despite what they could've overheard about what I've said about their Dad drinking, that I wasn't going to forbid the stuff completely passing their lips.

Besides, I think if I was giving the impression it was evil, they'll be hitting the liquor store with a mission from the time they turn 'of age'. Or worse, drinking behind my back...which we all know can result in trying to pour down as much as possible before mum finds out, thus feeling like complete and utter shit and possibly hurling it all back up again.

From what I can gather, they've had a few 'sips' of beer or wine when they're at their Dads on the weekend occasionally. When we went out for dinner for my 40th they both had a glass of bubbly.

So, tell me...what do you think? How many of you were the ages of my two and never had alcohol before? And how many of you don't know anyone at that age that's been off their faces and spewing because of it? Should I buy some lite beer or vodka mixes to have in the fridge so my kids can have a taste every now and then? Or should I forget about it completely until they are of the legal drinking age?

The same goes for sex. There are definitely kids out there doing it well before the legal age of 16. Doesn't anyone abide by the rules anymore?

The legal age for drinking in New Zealand is 18. It used to be 20, but six years ago they passed a law in parliament bringing it down to 18. From what I can gather, parliament is thinking of reinstating it back to 20 years. So my kids are way down the scale of the legal drinking age. But that doesn't stop some kids does it? They go ahead and sneak around getting shitfaced on the stuff, and half the time their parents don't even know it's happening.

How do I integrate this into their lives without them going haywire on it? How do they start travelling down this road in a responsible fashion? They're still so young. Too young as far as I'm concerned. That age is set by law for a reason.

Or do I feel this way because I'm their mother? Fuck, I don't know.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005

7 Things...

Years ago Michael tagged me for this meme and I've not done anything about it until now. Ok, it wasn't years ago, but it seemed that long ago. Anyway, here's my contribution to the Meme of 7 thingys.

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Watch my children grow into two fine young gentlemen
2. Cry when they leave home to strike out on their own
3. Kiss and cuddle my grandchildren
4. See the Eiffel Tower and the London Bridge
5. Pay a visit to Jo and Fizzy with Walker
6 Own a home that's on one level, with plenty of space for all manner of computers and drumkits to fit
7. Get down to some kinda decent weight

7 things I can do:
1. Cook a mean vegetarian lasagne
2. Speak my mind (sometimes at the most inapporpriate times)
3. Know the inside of a PC better than anyone else at work (which says alot for them, poor sods)
4. Get plonked after only 2 wines
5. Always be there when my kids need me
6. Crave to be in too many places at one time
7. Drive my kids to work/school, whilst dressed in my jammies.

7 things I cannot do:
1. Speak another language
2. Keep quiet when someone is saying something that I totally disagree with
3. Ever understand the rules of cricket
4. Stop smoking
5. Stop eating things that are SO bad for me
6. Wear an A-cup bra
7. Stop wishing that New Zealand was attached to Canada.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Sense of humour
2. Genuine smile that reaches their eyes
3. Intelligence
4. Strong arms and broad chest
5. Good kisser
6. Their ability to put up with my mood swings
7. Natural rhythm (for dancing of course!)

7 things that I say most often:
1. "I love you"
2. "Good Morning, Blah de Blah Medical Centre, Lisa speaking"
3. "How was your day at school today hun?"
4. "Cameron!...Make it work!"
5. *handing the phone to Ryan "It's for you"
6. "How hard can it be?"
7. "Would you please get away from that screen and come and eat?!"

7 celebrity crushes:
2. Bryan Adams
3. Nicholas Cage
4. Richard Gere (in Pretty Woman)
5. John Travolta (the older one, not the Saturday Night Fever one, bleech)
6. Any one who plays a role where they need looking after (what can I say? I'm a sucker for a hard luck story)
7. This was too difficult, I don't actually have any celeb crushes, I prefer to work with the here and now, if you know what I mean. Besides, no. 1, the rest I came about with a lot of head banging pressure to fill up the spots. So I'm cheating by filling in no. 7 by talking about it.

7 people I want to do this:
Taking into consideration this has taken me so long to get around to doing, I suspect everyone has done this already. If you haven't, and you want to participate, then feel free to do so. I won't tag anyone with this...if you want to do it, tag yourself.
Saturday, September 03, 2005

"Aw Mum, Not Again?!"

Here's my new 16 year old, playing with his cellphone and unsuspectingly getting his photo taken.

He sees me.

Then he's not happy that I'm still snapping pics of him.

Then it occurs to him
"OMG, you're going to put me on your blog aren't you??!"

Me: *ignoring question* "Come on, just smile for the camera"

Him: "Aw Mum, why do you insist on doing this to us as often as possible?"

Because I can, that's why.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Birthday Dinner

We had an awesome time at dinner last night. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Not feeling so great today, spent most of it in bed (and not due to a hungover either lol). Cam's been unwell the past few days, and I took him to the doc on Wednesday morning. He went back to school Thursday morning...not because he was feeling any better...but because he thought if he wasn't there, his mates wouldn't turn up for dinner that night lol.

Whatever he's got, has now shared itself with me...thus, both of us doped ourselves up on neurofen tablets and went out for dinner with his friends.

My ex-husband brought his girlfriend with him. She'd arrived back in the country that morning, and insisted on coming for dinner too. That's fine, I had taken that into account, should she have wanted to join us.

Problem I had was they sat down one end of the table, while I sat down the other, although I was hoping us 3 adults would be sitting together. Once I came back from parking the car and realising this seating 'switch' I muttered to Ryan so only he could hear..."Looks like you're gonna be my best mate tonight babe"....Ryan, having already taken in the situation, replied "No problem Mum".

Ryan and I had the primo seats actually....more luck than planning...the chef came and did all his cooking right smack in front of us. I had a great time with Ryan, he was completely blown away by watching the chef strut his stuff.

When they eventually brought the cake out...I could see Cameron inspecting the doily that it was sitting on. He'd look at me...then back at the His mates burst into laughter because they all knew that the cake had been made by his bakery.

I'll leave you with this pic from last night...unfortunately, it wasn't until I got home and downloaded the pic, that I realised one of his friends was missing...possibly in the toilet. Ah well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. That scruffy individual on the left is Ryan...I've told him several times he needs his hair cut, but nope, he won't have a bar of it. I hope he relents sometime soon, he's looking like Wolfman. Cam's in the same row as Ryan, 3rd along, getting his ears pulled, if you hadn't already figured out which one he is lol.

Right, I'm back to bed.....I wasn't going to post tonight, due to feeling so stinky...but look at me eh? can't help meself.
Thursday, September 01, 2005

No Bother At All

It's Cameron's 16th birthday today. I've been completely unorganised for it, although I've asked him several times over the past month about what he'd like.

The thought of professional driving lessons and a gym membership crossed my mind. I was hoping to go for something that had nothing to do with his PC or Dual Screen. Eventually it hurt too much to be creative, and I opted out. I bought him World of Warcraft and a two month membership to start him off online.

It did occur to me that some kids get cars on their 16th birthday...and considering I've got bugger all money, I'm happy he doesn't know how to drive properly yet.

Tonight, his father, brother and I, along with some of his friends are going out for dinner. Because he's so into anything to do with Japan, we're going to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you, throw bowls of rice, and raw eggs etc at you.


Me: *shake shake* "Cam?"
Cam: "Hmph?"
Me: "It just occurred to me that you might want a cake for your birthday. Do you want me to bring a cake to the restaurant tonight for dessert?"
Cam: "Um...yeah, ok...if it's not too much bother"
Me: "No bother...what flavour would you like?"
Cam: "Um....chocolate would be nice"
Me: "Ok...sorry to wake you, just needed to find out before I left for work"
Cam: "Ok" *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

I rush out to the lounge and pick up the phone.

*ring ring*

"Hello? Blah de Blah Bakery" *spoken by a voice I don't recognise*

Me: "Hi, it's Cameron's mum here. You know Cameron that works there on the weekends?"
Voice: "Oh yes, I know"
Me: "It's his birthday today. I know this is short notice, but do you think you guys could throw together a chocolate birthday cake for him? Just use something you've already got down there and ice "Happy Birthday Cameron" on the top?"
Voice: "Cool, no problem..what time do you want to pick it up?"

I picked it up on my way home from work today. It's damn heavy, yet it's not really that big. God only knows what they put in these gateaus but hopefully the kids will enjoy eating it. I have actually taken a photo of the top of the cake, and I was planning to post it on here, but alas, now I can't find my camera!

That'll be because I've been running around madly, trying to tidy up the house before his mates arrive. I felt it's the least I could've done considering last night he practically went over his bedroom with a fine tooth comb and it's absolutely spotless. I can, if nothing else, take a hint.

The fact that he then pulled the vacuum cleaner out to hoover the lounge may have helped.

Update: I found my camera...course it was where it should've been...safely in my handbag, so I wouldn't forget to take it out tonight, doh! Perhaps I shoulda just told them to write "Cam", it certainly woulda fit better than that long arsed name of his in full.