Sunday, April 27, 2008

Attempt to Blog, Take 2

This is getting a bit hopeless isn't it?

I have lots of things running around in my head to write about, yet when I sit here, I have trouble putting the words together to make it readable.

I think the best thing to do is basically just spit it out and forget about grammar completely...well, maybe not...but maybe just enough for you to understand what I'm going on about anyway lol.

And shorter, sharper posts. Which is better than no posts at all. For me I mean, I miss writing on here, regardless of size...

...and we all know that life is not necessarily about size right?...more about length...

...err...*cough*...of life, that is.

Moving right along.

Larry...thank you for your apology. Noone is hearing from me like they used to. Besides Leilani and Lisa, two ladies very dear to me, I have been extremely slack at getting in touch with anyone online. Dan is the special man in my life, so you can not only imagine, but expect, that I am in constant contact with my sweetheart. In fact I was down south with him when I received that comment. I certainly didn't appreciate reading it, nor did I appreciate your response to Leilani...she was afterall only watching my back. To be completely honest, your magic carpet "story" was kinda spooky for me. I must've forgotten about the personal joke thing between us, so I'm sorry for that, and also that this seems to have got blown out of proportion. Thanks again for your apology.

I have always appreciated your comments Larry. I appreciate everyone's comments. You are all free to say what you think here. There are at least four of you, who are particularly good at hitting me between the eyes with reality at times. I have always appreciated the honesty and frankness of these's almost akin to having a conscience in print...sometimes it's the only thing that will get through my thick skull. However, if you are being disrespectful to others, then that isn't a good thing at all. It's unnecessary and just plain uncool, ya know?

Right, now that THAT bit's over, let's see if I can get on with something more interesting and attempt to continue to chonicle the days of my life.

*cue hour glass, running sand, music*

Just kidding.

I was reading through some of my archives a few days writing has changed...I'm not sure I like what I'm putting up here now (or NOT putting up here, more to the point)...I'm going to try and change that. While I know I'm a different woman to the one that originally started blogging three years ago, my views on many things are unchanged.

Ciao for now *mwah*