Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sleep, Blog, Sleep, Blog, hmm

Working extra hours will of course take it's toll on my body...and to be honest, things are going fairly well in that respect...that was...until last night. Cos ya see, last night, I didn't go to bed at the usual time of around 1030ish. I sat here and read my entire blog history...and although that's not HUGE because I've only been blogging since the beginning of the year....that's still a fair amount of reading to get through. That, coupled with catching up on some of your blogs (didn't always comment on them, forgive me)...I ended up crawling into bed at 1.35am.

1.35AM!! I haven't stayed up that late since I first started playing backgammon on the MSN Zone (and then we're talking about 3 and 4am, I must've been nuts!). Now I know that 1.30 isn't an unusually late night for some of you...but for me? it's big these days...real big. So this morning (some of the only free time I have this week, Why do we do this to ourselves?? Only a few years ago I could last until 5am if I was still know...when you're out dancing and drinking?...long as I'm still moving (because I do so love to dance)..I was fine and could outlast the distance...once I sat down and stopped for more than 5 minutes I was done..washed up...ready for bed...finito.

Dunno if youv'e noticed, but I put a digital clock on here under the analog you'll be able to see if I'm in bed or not, depending on what time you come in here. Please note that New Zealand time is always ahead of the rest of the world..hahaha...we're usually a whole day ahead of the rest of you....I'm wondering if this means I'm aging faster than the rest of you...I won't dwell on that, it could upset me in my sleep-deprived fragile state this morning.

Anyway enough of that...while I was driving 15 to school earlier, there was a competition on the radio....the winners get to wrestle in KY jelly, and the winner of that gets $1,000. No, I wasn't planning on entering, I have more dignity than that (it's called being boring). How do people come up with these ideas??

My sweetheart and I are chatting on the headsets at the moment...he's wondering what to post about for the day....I could suggest that he do as I do...when I find I've run out of something to say, I resort to a sexual blogging of sorts, let's face it, sex sells lol and saying that, I'm doing my best not to be so sexual about such things, it can come across as me having a sad empty kinda life..nuff said lol. So, I suggested he write about his visit to the doctor today and the arse poking that ensued. Now let's all see if he goes ahead and posts about THAT! lol
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