Saturday, January 01, 2005

100 Things About Me

1. I come from a family of 6. Four children, two parents. I come in second. Two sisters, and my brother is the baby of the family.

2. I'm the only child that was planned. Which could have me thinking I'm "the Chosen One". When I went through my teens, my father continued to called me "the good one"

3. I used to do a lot of singing on stage up to the age of 16. Came first in many talent quests and competitions and have sung on tv once.

4. I started smoking at the age of 18 and ruined my singing career (haha), so now I only sing in the shower.

5. I'm made up of all the colours of the rainbow. Nah...I'm half polynesian islander, my father is a full blooded Niue island mother is part German, English and Welsh. (I always wondered how my grandparents got together during those years.)

6. I have two godsons. One is 17 and now lives up north...the other recently turned 5..started school...and in his first week was scolded twice for swearing and once for spitting in the library *sigh*

7. My mother was an animal junkie, so I grew up with lots of pets...cats, dogs, a horse, an aviary each of cockatiels and budgerigars...a hen house of bantam, little egg laying chickens...mohair guinea pigs (which my mother decided to breed, briefly, and the whole of the neighbourhood kids watched the birth of tiny ratlike looking beings).

8. My older sister ran away from home...and I helped her by packing some clothes for her.

9. My brother is a police officer, now working for the Sydney Police Force.

10. I have two teenage that looks like that looks like his Dad...seems fair.

11. I've been pregnant four times. (One day when I have the strength to elaborate about this without any anger and tears, I may even blog about it....I won't hold my breath on that)

12. I had 22 driving lessons before I finally past my test and acquired my license. (Yep, it's not a typo, I really said 22)

13. I own a house that has a two bedroom self-contained flat/apartment below it. My house is starting to fall down around me...I don't have the funds to fix it up. I want to sell but I rely on the income from my tenants.

14. I've been out of the country only once so far...Vegas, Vancouver, Power River, Ottawa.

15. I've now been bitten by the travel bug and intend to do a lot more of it in years to come.

16. My birthday is 22 June, and I'll be turning 40 this year.

17. I have a scar on my inside right thigh, when a bike I was sitting on the back of collided with a hedge and a screw went through my thigh.

18. I have a scar on my left thigh from running away from a boy when I was 8...jumping over a fence...and a stray piece of fence wire went through my thigh.

19. My first godson was born on 6th August...I met my husband-to-be on the 6th of August, and our divorce was official exactly 21 years later...on the 6th of August. We went out for lunch that day.

20. My second godson was born on the 29th of March, and is an independent stick of dynamite.

21. I have a bum left knee...injured in a game of softball by having a whole lotta woman throw herself at me to avoid getting out on 3rd base. I hit the ground...swore very carried off the field, so they could continue the game....and ended up in hospital for 5 hours waiting for someone to see me (translates to; perving at doctors and orderlies for 5 hours).

22. The bone in my right thumb appears to be permanently bruised from when I was team catcher and kept catching the pitches in the palm of my mitt as opposed to the 'pocket'.

23. I've never hit a home run.

24. My bra size is 40DD (scraping the bottom of the 100 things barrel here).

25. We have a cat who is going to be 11 this year and if she's locked in the house for too long, she will crap in the bath or behind the laundry door (scraping around further inthe bottom of the 100 things barrel.)

26. My father's hair is completely white now. He's 71 years old.

27. I have been going prematurely grey/white for the past 10 years, and have to dye my roots at least every six weeks. This sucks on a financial basis. But sucks more for me, cos I feel like shit if everyone can see obvious root growth lol.

28. I drive a 1999 Ford Laser XLR automatic hatchback.

29. My very first car was a dirty white Honda Accord.

30. My best subject at school was Shorthand Typing.

31. I was 'let go' (aka fired) from my first job as Engineering Secretary after 2 years...they felt I wasn't coping with the work load very well....three people were employed to replace me. Bastards!

32. My favourite colours are yellow (because it's bright and sunny), black (because I like the slimming effect it gives me) and white (because I look so good in it lol)

33. I'm a push-over as a landlady. My tenant's are terrible at taking advantage of me because I let them.

34. I hate doing I have a dishwasher. Now I hate having to rinse dishes and stack the dishwasher.

35. Ryan has two jobs: to empty the dishwasher and feed the cat.

36. Cameron does anything else his mother asks of him (including bregrudgingly dying her roots and painting her toenails on occasion). He's become the 'man' about the house.

37. My children's eyes glaze over as I lecture them on the values of life.

38. I'm a shocking procrastinator.

39. I tend to repeat myself a lot.

39. I tend to repeat myself a lot.

40. When I'm faced with adversity, I need time to block it out for a few hours, before I go back to it and rethink the situation...then I feel ready to do what needs to be done.

41. I'm great in times when other people are having a crisis. I do what's needed...then I fall to pieces after all's been sorted.

42. As much as I'm good at hiding how I feel...and making my facial expressions stay neutral...those that know me well can read my face like a book.

43. I hate feeling out of control.

44. I'm extremely organised in every aspect of life except my housework. I loathe housework with a passion.

45. I like to think I'm a passionate woman who speaks her mind.

46. I often hear my mother or father's voice coming out of my mouth, directed at my sons.

47. I was secretary of the local softball club for 6 years. I stood down this past season.

48. I don't like earthquakes.

49. Any time I hear sirens, I immediately take stock of where my children are.

50. I love feeling green grass against my bare feet. It helps me relax.

51. My favourite alcoholic drink is Jim Beam bourbon and diet coke (although I'm also partial to butterscotch ripple, chocolate martinis and strawberry dacquaeries).

52. Favourite pizza topping is chicken, camenbert cheese and cranberry sauce. My second favourite is seafood; mussels, crabmeat, shrimps etc.

53. I've never been arrested.

54. I worked selling hot dogs at the circus when I was 13.

55. I've been to only 3 open-air concerts in my life; two were Dire Straits, the other one was Eurythmics.

56. My wedding dress went into a goodwill bin a couple of years after my husband and I separated.

57. I used to have a bumblebees nest in the wall of the flat downstairs. When the boys were little, we used to sit on the steps and watch the bees go about their work. It was fascinating to watch them fly out at a great speed, to come back a little later, laiden down with pollen, flying slower and wobbling around in the air under their burdens. I eventually had to lay down poison...the tenant at the time was starting to freak out at finding them floating in the bath she'd run at night....or open the back door and feel they were flying straight at her.

58. I hate seeing people chewing gum with their mouths open.

59. I can't stand noisy eaters and/or those that eat with their mouths open.

60. I've never been tied up.

61. Although I used to be scared of spiders, it appears I'm now the Bug Sheriff in this house. Neither of my boys are happy about creepy crawlies at all, so it's always left up to me to 'remove' such beasties from their rooms.

62. I started my very first patchwork quilt project over 3 years ago. It's a queen sized quilt and it's still unfinished. In fact I've often slept with it on my bed... and it still has over 200 safety pins holding it's 3 layers together. (I really must do something about that!)

63. I took a Gondola ride up Grouse Mountain and had dinner at the restaurant at the top. It was a beautiful sight looking out over the lights of Vancouver City.

64. I don't have any tattoos. I have toyed with the idea of getting a VERY small one on the inside of my left bicep. Too small for anyone else to see easily, but something I can see whenever I wanted. It would have to be something that had some meaning for me to do it.

65. The only piercings I have are one in each earlobe.

66. My favourite TV programmes are ER, Third Watch and Desperate Housewives.

67. I get seasick, air-sick and used to get terribly car-sick as a child. (Although thinking back about the car-sick thing now, I wonder if it was my father's driving).

68. I threw up on my 4 year old brother in the car, during a family outting to go strawberry picking one weekend. He never came near me the rest of that day.

69. My favourite movie is "Field of Dreams". There are some beautiful, poetic one-liners in this movie, and it always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling of hope after I've finished watching it. Such a feel good movie.

70. I hate brussell sprouts, but I've never tasted one. They look like tiny condensed cabbages...cabbage not being one of my most favourite veges either.

71. I make the best kick ass vegetarian lasagne on the face of the earth. Well, ok, that's an exaggeration, but people always love it and ask for the recipe. It's excellent.

72. I kept a prisoner 'company' for 9 months by writing to him in jail. I kinda ended up becoming his surrogate mother until I told him 'enough is enough'.

73. My mother and father worry constantly about me because they seem to feel I can't cope being a single mother with two teenagers. Both my parents loved my ex-husband, but after we split up and the boys and I had taken a trip down south to visit them, I asked if I could take back a jar of homemade relish that my ex adored and my mother responded with "No! I'm not giving any to HIM" *sigh*

74. Before the wedding, we had a constant headache with the seating plan due to my ex's family, mainly because there's so many of them, and the weekend prior to our wedding day, one of the sisters had been pounding her older sister's head against the sidewalk. It was a nightmare trying to find the right seating arrangements alongside those that were still talking to each other etc.

75. I walked down the aisle to the "Trumpet Voluntary".

And now for some juicy personal bits about me;

76. I've shaved my pubic region once, and due to the itching it caused afterwards, I shall never do it again. I don't want to be hearing about all the creams or potions I could use to stop the itching...I'm just never going to do it again. It was an itchy nuisance.

77. I love to talk dirty during sex. It turns me on more.

78. Hearing the f and c words during sex talk makes me hornier. (Geesh, get me, I can't even type them out in full here, hence the "blah blah blah" in previous posts lol)

79. I've always been self-conscious of my body, especially when getting naked. Yet, once the first kiss happens, I completely forget about the scary naked bit and am totally involved with what I'm feeling and what I'm doing to make my partner feel good.

80. I'm a noisy kinda girl in the sack. Even biting the pillow doesn't tend to muffle me enough. (eg Ryan coming knocking on my bedroom door a few years ago..entering and saying in an exasperated tone "Do you mind Mum? I'm trying to get some sleep!". This is about the time I realised my kids were getting older and not sleeping like the rocks they used to.)

81. I love the feel of fresh sheets against my newly shaved legs.

82. Somehow I've managed to break 3 vibrators. Don't ask me how, it's not like I'm throwing them around the room or anything, is it?

83. An ex-boyfriend mailed me a 'rabbit' vibrator and it's tucked away in the closet at the's never been used yet.

84. I have some 'WomanZone' cream in the bedside drawer that's supposed to enhance orgasm. It's herbal. Never worked for me...I never noticed any difference. Fine print says "for best results, keep rubbing" duh!

85. I've never used chocolate body paint as part of sex play...although I do like the thought of licking strawberry yoghurt off my man's 'bits'. Never being a huge chocoholic, I reckon it would be too sweet and I'd feel ill part way through. Not a good look.

86. I'm a firm believer in phone sex.

87. I have never needed the use of lubricant (yet). "You're actually dripping down my arm" unquote.

88. The oddest place I've had sex is in the last carriage of a train. Straddling his lap, facing him.

89. I seem to be obssessed with my own breasts at they feel, how they respond etc. (Sad, sad, SAD!)

90. I used to play backgammon against my husband in bed. If he won, we had sex...if I won, I got to go to sleep. I became an accomplished backgammon player.

91. I've ended up on the floor at the foot of my PC during a particularly steamy cyber-sex chat with my ex-boyfriend a couple of times. (No time to move to the laptop and bedroom, no kids at home, so why bother cutting the mood to move...easier to slip off my chair onto the floor if I want to lol)

92. All my nightwear is satin. Oh, except one...I have a two piece cotton pants thingy.

93. I love digging my fingernails in a man's back or biting his nipples.

94. I love giving head.

95. I can't always stay 'on top' for too long because my gammy knee starts to ache and cramp (damn damn DAMN!) I eventually figured this out by straightening that I'd end up with one foot pointing to his head, the other pointing to his feet.

96. I love the smell of a bedroom after a good romping sex session.

Now, back to my regular programme, so you don't think I'm completely obssessed with sex;

97. I have a non-convulsing type of epilepsy and take 800 mg of Tegretol every day to control seizures.

98. I have to take medication each day to keep my blood pressure in the normal range.

99. My real name is interpreted in the 'Baby Name' book as "honey bee".

100. I love my children, my family and my life.
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