Friday, January 07, 2005


A friend sent me one of those emails that you have to answer questions and write peoples names to colours blah blah blah. There were only 4 questions, so I think, "ah what the heck, have a go, I aint got nothin' else to do right?"

I finished it off and read what the results are at the bottom of the email. Well, it seems that England is the person I truly love....and Canada is my twin soul.

Someone explain that to me please? How was I supposed to choose one of those over the other?

I wrote a HUGE post on here in relation to meeting online loves and how I explained it to my friends and family members (was largely for Bella that I wrote it)...the way I felt about online people etc...and for some reason it's disappeared into the ether. I understand about the systems of bugs and hiccups that can happen at times with websites, but may I just say "how bloody frustrating!"

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