Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Feeling a Little Better Tonight

Work wasn't frantic, just constant this afternoon, I actually made it out of there by 6pm. Different story for the doctors. We only had two doctors on this afternoon...both men. Neither of them thought the other was there, they'd had no time to even sight each other.

I had a slight disagreement with a 94 year old *embarrassed expression*. He was insisting he'd paid an account, and I had no record whatsoever of it being paid. The software we use is very precise. I hate arguing over money! Especially with 94 year olds, you never know if their blood pressure is rising as you try talking softly but firmly with them *sigh*

Positives for the day: 13 brought all the washing in and emptied the dishwasher without me having to ring from work and ask him; I received word from 15 himself, he's having a terrific time, says Japan is amazing, and "I haven't lost anything, so be happy". (His email ended with "they have vending machines everywhere and they've got hot canned coffee in them!"); the cat didn't crap anywhere else in the house while I was gone; I've finally let the flat out downstairs to a lovely young couple who move in on Thursday; at the moment it's only NZ$1,999 to fly to England; and we had pizza for dinner, so I didn't have to cook.

Negatives for the day: I miss Canada; I'm concerned England and I will slip back into our 'old' ways; I wonder how long it will be before I am really kissed again; I don't have a spare $1,999 to fly to England; I keep weighing Canada and England up against each other, pros and cons; I miss my friends on the Zone and feel rather cut off by them; and I appear to have become lost in Blogland instead.

To end this on a more positive note, I will share a text message I got from England some time ago...I was texting him to say goodnight, and he replied with "When the sandman comes to gently rock yr cradle, he too will be captivated with desire for you, but he smiles and he fades with daybreak, he knows you are mine xx"
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