Thursday, January 06, 2005

First comment!

Someone commented on my blog today, didn't realise how exciting that was til I saw the little "1 comment".

Thank you Bella. Your words are much appreciated. Please don't think badly of Canada, he's a wonderful, loving man....a proud man. And for the time being he's calmed down somewhat. I hated turning him into that 'other' person, even for 24 hours...that's my fault he became that way. A mutual friend of ours spoke to him the other day...she copy and pasted one of his messages to me.

"There have only been 3 women in my life that I've wanted to stay with. She was the only one I felt I was born to be with"
Well, you can just imagine....more tears from me.

I read some of your blog. The part where you are going to meet Nick is VERY exciting. I am filled with nervous apprehension and giddy excitement of it all on your behalf. I have no regrets about meeting Canada. I had an amazing wonderful time with him. After the initial awkwardness of actually seeing each other in person, we slipped into being a couple almost immediately. Best of luck to you and Nick, I look forward to reading your future blog posts.
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