Thursday, January 06, 2005

Great Mental Preparation

My son is leaving the country tonight and winging his way to Japan. I have been out early today, buying up a few extra bits as pieces, like NZ souvenirs for his host families, camera film etc. I'm putting on a brave face....a positive smiley face for him....don't want him to know how I'm really feeling about it. It wasn't so bad when I left them behind ....I felt confident that I could handle any given situation should it arise...but my oldest baby? (15)....I'm not so sure. I won't be there to protect him. I'm finding this a bit tough to cope with.

Earlier I said to him "Do you know how to say 'Please help me! There's a man chasing me with a knife!' in Japanese?" He replies with a bored expresion "no mum". I fling myself at him and cry "Please learn now, just in case!" *sob* The worse part of this is he thinks I'm joking.

How do you we do this? How do you let go of your offspring and watch them stumble out into the world on their own...relying only on their own initiative and knowledge? We just have to. What choice do we have? It's not like it's going to stop just cos we're not ready is it?

All this growing up and letting go thing kinda sucks. I'm off to search google for some sort of potion recipe that will stop it from happening to my 13 year old.
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