Monday, January 24, 2005

An Itchy Day

I heard from 15 yesterday. Two emails, yep, that’s right, not one but two! Guess them coming in ‘bulk’ like that should appease me in some way. Anyway, he’s having a fantastic time, it’s snowing, and I quote “OMG SO MUCH SNOW!!! IT’S AWESOME!” unquote. Being Kiwis living in the capital city of New Zealand, we don’t have much call for snow here I’m afraid, so the novelty of that is pretty spectacular to him. Sounds to me like he’s enjoying the shopping more than anything else.

My chat with England last night was the other side of spectacular actually, it was pretty damn horrible to say the least. Mind you, I guess I’ve been through worse with him lately. He’s still having trouble getting his head around what I’ve done. Said “...for you to go to Canada and fall into bed at the drop of a hat, just all seems too easy to me”. Boy I’m getting fed up with us talking about this all the time! I want to move on and be excited about planning this trip with him. Course, the perpetrator is always the one that wants to move on. Obviously I can’t be winging my way over there if this is still hanging over our heads, so it has to be done. I told him last night “Things were feeling so positive between us…tonight has not been positive at all…in fact it feels like utter shit...I feel like we’re sinking”. Amazingly enough he told me we’re sure to get through it and let’s just see what the next few weeks bring. We did manage to end our chat on a lighter note, so that’s something I can cling to.


Today I’m wondering if the new tenants and their ‘lovely’ kittens have fleas. Considering the two little blighters have been up here hanging around the fridge door and making basic nuisances of themselves, the itching I’ve started doing the last couple of days has me thinking there’s a strong possibility of a flea invasion.

Last night the back of my head was itchy...was starting to drive me nuts how itchy it was...and again this morning...soooooooo, now I’m left wondering if perhaps I have nits (head lice) as well. Never had those before and by God I sure as hell don’t want them now. I have very thick long dark hair...if I’ve contracted those things I’m never going to be able to get rid of them!
This itchy stuff is all speculation at the moment of course...I haven’t seen any hardcore evidence of creepy crawlies and am hoping like hell that I don’t. I'm hoping I'm doing all this scratching due to stress or the like.

One more thing...I discovered I’m constipated this morning...hooray for my arse!...I took a couple of laxatives...several hours later my stomach starts churning, I’m thinking “way hey, here we go”...park up on the toilet...and good lord, if it weren’t like I was trying to dislodge a rugby ball.

Oh well…it’s been an interesting day...for my body at least anyway.
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