Friday, January 28, 2005

Stationery, Missing Kittens and Cat Crap

13 and I went out today. Not anywhere special really, just to do stationery shopping because college (high school) starts back next week. My god, I hate this part of the year! After we’d messed around in the store for ages, dodging around other parents and children and finding all the necessary items we get to the check out – it only cost me $73! That’s right, only $73, I didn’t miss a 2 at the front of that. It’s made me wonder if perhaps I have forgotten something really important. I don’t believe their combined stationery has ever cost me such a small amount.

Stopped into the supermarket next – we were in desperate need of toilet paper, and I was getting fed up with using handy towels (they’re the handiest towel around, don’t ya know?). 13 reaches for a pack of rolls that have pictures printed on…don’t know what they were, little doodas, marine animals, seashells, whatever…I say “no, I like these best” reaching for the white quilted sort. He says “nah, let’s get these”, I go “no, I don’t like the stuff with the pictures on” He says “wow Mum, I’m really glad to see you’re so in touch with your inner toiletness”.

Dairy next stop, grabbed an icecream each and sat at the beach and ate them. It was such a beautiful day today. Was lovely just sitting in the sunshine, watching other people wading about in the water. Real sunburn material today was.

Get home, find one of the kitten’s downstairs is missing (we’re kitten sitting, the tenant’s have gone north to get married today. What is it with having to go north to do that??). Hunted high and low, no black kitten. Daren’t get in touch with their owners, wouldn’t want to spoil their big day by telling them we seem to have lost one of their babies.

This all happens before I get upstairs to my house. Climb the stairs, unlock the door, our cat shoots out making me instantly suspicious – I head straight for the bathroom….yep, it’s confirmed….she’s crapped in the bath *sigh*

Just think, half an hour earlier I was driving home, windows down, wind blowing hair in my face (dangerous as that may sound, it still felt good), Limp Bizkit’s “Behind Blue Eyes” blaring on the stereo, and I was thinking to myself “this has been a good day”.

Oh, I must also let you know, I am no longer itching, dunno what that was earlier but, no fleas and no nits are resident on my being, so that’s a very positive sign I’m not a home to parasites.
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