Thursday, February 03, 2005

Another blast from the past

Just wanted to add to my previous post one other young man I 'went' with. He was rather appealling to look at really. Kinda like Ricky Martin (and who hasn't drooled over him at one time or another?). I had spoken to him over the phone several times, kept putting him off, telling him I wasn't interested and to go looking elsewhere.

He persisted and eventually I met up with him one afternoon, at his home. Ok, blah blah blah happened, and I left in time to pick my boys up from school.

For the next two years, this young chap continued to ring me, harrass me, tried to meet up with me to give me presents etc. After being nice about it and saying no, I became soooo incredibly rude to him during the phone calls...always. Where was the man's dignity? It was obvious I didn't want him, why would any normal person continue to persue someone who had made it blatantly obvious they weren't interested? I guess there's the answer...he can't have been any normal person.

I ended up going to the local police station....had to sit down and fill out an incident report (my brother had since moved to Aus and become part of the forces over there). Had to spill out the whole story in detail...and this after I'd got back on track ages ago. Just shows how things from your past can come back to haunt you. The police issued him with some kind of order, it basically said he wasn't to be in touch with me in any way over the next 12 months or he'd be arrested.

Soooo, 12 months go by...I get a phone's him...he'd just found the letter from the cops, and realised that his 12 months was now over, and would I mind if he rang me again? OMG! Can you believe that??! I told him no and if he did, he'd get a visit from the police again. Do I need to tell you that he got another visit? The man must be a fruit loop.

I ran into him once in the local supermarket...we both did a double take...I had 13 with me. I pretended I didn't see him, and went about my grocery shopping....Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him following me...all round the frozen section, from the fruit and veges, and over to the cracker aisle. At this stage I was extremely tense but keeping it together for my son. I eventually rang my best friend, and just as she answered the phone, he approached me (probably thought I was calling the cops, which I shoulda been I know).

He wanted to chit chat, ask how I was, did I have a good Xmas, told me a bit about his Xmas (like I cared)...and then asked if he could ring me again. (And to think, way back years ago, I felt like wearing a badge stating that I had slept with someone 10 years younger than bloody stupid of me!)

What was it about me at that time of my life? Was I a magnet for all the fruit loops in the universe? Or was I just so insecure about who I was and whether I could still draw the men that I went with and for the nearest and fastest line?
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