Friday, February 18, 2005

Anything in Particular?

On the car radio this morning, the DJs were talking about various subjects, as they do…and Polly (DJ no.1) brought up something that made me start thinking.

She said that she’d read somewhere about what a couple of people had said were their ‘moments’ in life. They were asked if there was any particular moment in life that they remembered that they’d like to play over again.

One was a New Zealand Olympian who’d won a gold medal. She said there has been nothing akin to the feeling she had when she was standing on the podium and hearing NZ’s national anthem being played. The euphoria and pride she felt was indescribable and that is the feeling she’d want to play over again. It was amazing.

The other mentioned, was a man who said that if he had had an affair, and left his long-time partner for this new woman. He said that if he could play that over again, he would change it. The depth of the love he’d shared with his ex partner was something he’s never felt again. It happened 10 years ago and he’s never had that feeling back since. She’s obviously moved on, so it’s too late for him now.

I’ve been going through my mind’s memories to find something I’ve done or had in my life that I’d like to repeat the feeling of...besides the magic of giving birth to both my children...I’ll have to think harder about it. I also wonder if I have to think that hard about it, does that mean I haven't experienced it yet?...when I think back, there are so many things I’ve done or seen that I’d like to repeat again but I can’t choose any one thing in particular.

Do you remember anything in your life you’d like to repeat over again? Anything in particular that stands out in your mind that makes your body adrenalin rush around, or your heart ache or just gives you the nice warm fuzzy feeling and makes you smile?
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