Sunday, February 13, 2005 have an ulcer

News on England this week; his doctor believes he has an ulcer due to stress. He's been dealing with all manner of things lately, and although I didn't give it to him, what I did sure hasn't helped the situation has it? So, instead of chatting to him online last night as scheduled, we had a conversation via text about him needing time to recover and that he couldn't deal with any more stress right now...he needed to sort his shit out, repair said ulcer etc. He played his last gig for a while last night. He is now officially taking a sabbitical from everything and everyone, including me. To be honest, I could do with the time out from the stress of our conversations myself.

Years ago, my ex husband had an ulcer, and he was a right bastard to deal with until he went and got some medical attention. He was difficult to live with, everything was a huge issue for him, every little thing became a mountain and the kids and I just plodded through those days with our heads down. The day after he started on medication, he became the wonderful man I fell in love with. He was so lovely to be around for a change.

I'm kinda hoping this is what's going to happen with England. Who knows? Anything's possible right now I guess. I expect he'll be incommunicado for at least 2 weeks.

Never thought I'd be one for posting poems on my blog, but I found this one a long time ago, and as I was clearing out 'my documents' this morning, I came across it and thought some of you might like it.

© by Lou "Luke" Carrol

Don't think of me, Don't fantasize,
Don't see me when you close your eyes.

Don't hear my name, In every song.
Don't dream of me, When nights are long.

Don't miss me now, Or think you must.
I do. Enough for both of us.

Don't mention me, To any friends.
Don't ache for me, When evening ends.
Don't wake up feeling, You're with me.
Don't tell yourself, We're meant to be.

Don't fan the flames, Or feed your lust.
I do. Enough for both of us.

Don't think you see me, On the street.
Don't wish for ways, That we could meet.
Don't let temptation, Cross the line.
Don't feel your lips, Are touching mine.

Don't cry. Or lose much sleep because
I do enough for both of us


I didn't open the irish creme last night but I did almost polish off the bag of crisps. I sat here and watched a movie on Sky called "Identity" starring John Cusack, Ray Liota and Amanda Peet. Was rather different with quite a twist at the end. It kept me entertained for the evening anyway.
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