Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dangers of 3 Way Calling

Years ago, when I was a normal woman and didn't have two men from different countries fighting for and against her, I had a 4 month fling with a fellow softballer. He was hard work...had difficulty communicating really...but I refused to give up because I'm that kinda girl and if it falls to pieces then I did all I could. Savvy?

So, eventually, it came to an end. In fact, he dumped me via email, boo. But that's ok, cos I wasn't heartbroken or devastated or the like..it was more a sigh of relief that I didn't have to keep going with something that really wasn't working.

One day, I receive a letter in the post from the finance company that takes care of my local gym...they say I owe them $50 for whatever reason, so I ring to sort out the problem and leave a message on their answerphone giving my full name and saying I'll be in on Wednesday to settle the account.

Then, I ring my best mate and have a conversation with her, we talked about the message I left and I tell her what I really wanted to say was "I'm sorry, I won't be able to pay that $50 back because my good friend is having a sex toy party tonight, and due to the fact that my boyfriend just dumped me, I really must make it a priority in my life right now, to attend said party and acquire something that knows nothing about email"....we laugh and then continue to talk about past lovers, how good they were or little quirks they had etc.

5 minutes later the next words heard on the phone make me gasp in horror ..."Your message has now exceeded the time limit, thank you, goodbye"...OH MY GOD! *thud*

Every time I think about this I blush and think how stupid I was to not check that I hadn't hung up on the finance company first before calling my friend. I mean to say...once when we rang Vodafone together and talked about various products that we were thinking of purchasing....after we thought we'd hung up, the chap was still indeed on the phone listening in...but we weren't aware of that til my friend decided she needed to pee and took us both to the toilet with her. I'm always horrified when she does that, and I tell her so...and she was being blaise about it and said some smart comment...and was answered by the Vodafone man.

You'd think we'd have learnt how all the bells and whistles on our phones worked after that wouldn't you?

Oh, and one more thing, I never did return to that gym...I was mortified that swiping my card into their computer the next time I turned up there was going to have something flash up on their computer like "this is the phone girl..you know, that phone girl".
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