Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Got Mail

I received a parcel in the post from Canada yesterday. It's my late Christmas present that he'd ordered which hadn't turned up in time. I knew he was going to send it, because if nothing else, he is a man of his word. For those that want to know, it's a New York Yankees baseball shirt. Something I've always wanted actually. Now that I've got one, I'm not sure what to do with it. It was accompanied by my Lancome face cleanser, which I left on the side of the bath during my stay.

I'm feeling a bit odd about all this today. I've been seeing a side of Canada I've never seen before, it's kinda scary.

Bella asked me if England is aware of all this post-Canada stuff. Well, no, I've chosen not to tell him. When it first happened I mentioned some of what was going on, and England was eager to get on the wagon and do something about it...he has a 6'6", 300+ pound friend who lives in the same province...thought perhaps he could send him along to have a word with him.

The whole idea of that happening makes my blood run, I've continued to choose not to tell England whenever Canada goes on one of his rants. I'm not sure this would help the situtation any, in fact, I'm sure it wouldn't, so for now, I'm keen to leave that out of any conversations I have with England in the future. He doesn't need to know. Besides, this is not his doing, it's mine, and considering I've made myself this mess...I shall endeavour to clean it up as best I can without anyone else's assistance.

Sooo, for the time being, I shall plod on (possibly getting myself deeper into the crap), and hope that eventually with time, things will settle.

Now, what do I do about this newly acquired shirt? I don't feel right wearing it at the moment, if ever.
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