Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Just Stuff

It is sooo hot today, I'm wracking my mind as to what I can wear to work this evening. Right now, I'd quite like to go in naked. Obviously that's a non starter.

15 is home and boy he's bought so much junk with him *sigh* More little gadgets to try and keep in one place. Lots of audio CDs, lots of PS2 games and a dual screen (which I knew he was going to buy because I brought 13 one back from Canada for Xmas). But did he have to bring home so much bloody crap!

Didn't get to talk to England this morning as scheduled. His rehearsal night was switched at the last minute, so I woke up to a text message apologising he wouldn't be available afterall.

This is my 14th day without a V. I actually had to go back and look at my posts on here to find out when I stopped drinking them. That's pretty good really....I figured when I stopped that I would be counting the days down. Not until I at least get past the first month will I relax about this V thing...and that's because I know I can already do without it for a month (when I was overseas).

13 has buggered off the swimming pool in town, after a whole lot of "no you're not going"s from me. I gave in, because instead of yelling back at me, he kinda softened and tried reasoning with me. It worked.

15's gone to school for orientation day for a couple of hours. Poor bugger, he's so tired, I had to wake him for breakfast this morning at 10.30. Let me just say that I don't usually cook breakfast in this house...but his first morning home I wanted to wake him with something nice, like the smell of bacon.

I've started thinking strongly about giving up smoking the past week or so, and even went so far as to let the nurse at work know my thoughts. Her eyes lit up with nothing short of glee, she was practically drooling at the idea. So, now I've started the ball rolling, I best start thinking harder and stronger about this. OMG, I don't think I'm ready yet!

Reasons why I want to give up smoking (in no particular order):

1. My blood pressure (another good reason to stop drinking V)
2. the state of my skin
3. the smell of it everywhere
4. I hate the idea that my hair might smell light smoke, blah
5. The kids keep giving me heaps about smoking inside
6. The house stinks in the morning when I get up
7. Everything in my house must smell like tobacco
8. The huge cost per annum

can't think of any more right now, but that'll do for starters.

9. I hate the fact that I seem to be coughing more lately...how disgusting is that??!

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