Sunday, February 20, 2005

Links again

Ok, so now that I've managed to figure out (ok, I didn't, 15 did) how to do the links thing on my template...I did one link on it and left it to update my settings...went back to the kitchen to continue making the hummus I'm taking to the BBQ this afternoon....came back to the PC to find that it was still at the same 'updating' stage as it was when I left it.

Now I know what you're talking about H&B when you're referring to things taking forever on here....should my link thingy turn up while I'm absent, youwill be chuffed to think that you are the only blog I read on a daily basis lol.

Actually I don't believe it worked. I'll have another go later when I've time.

Incidentally, it took me AGES to fit the lid on the food processor today, I couldn't fathom why....then I realised, the last time I used it, I put it through the dish washer and the rim about the bowl has melted/buckled a little. I finally thumped the lid into place, clicked the whole thing into the machine and hey presto...hummus in the making. I have to admit, I had to add all the ingrediants through the hole in the top because I didn't want to have to pry the lid off each time and then thump it back into place again.

Anyway, all ingredients are now suitably mixed...looks like a good texture etc...shame I can't remove the lid at all!!

I'm going to rummage around in the laundry now to find a hammer and chisel.
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