Sunday, February 27, 2005

My Interview Answers

There are a small core of people that read my blog most days that have been getting interviewed by each other and as such I decided to get on the band wagon and get interview myself. Here are Cesca's questions and the best answers I could think of at this hour of the morning.

1. Have you ever met anyone famous?
Last September going through LA Airport I met Eric Estrada (minus motorbike and uniform)in fact, he was wearing a dark purple velour jogging suit (eek), was heaps shorter than I expected, but didn't look like he'd aged a day since "CHIPS". He called me Darling, we talked about New Zealand and he signed my autograph book after asking my name, but then never writing it in the book. Guess he was so blinded by my brilliant conversation that he forgot it.

Oh, and the following month at Wellington Airport I met Ben Lummus, New Zealand's Idol (I made 13 break the ice here by shoving him forward to go and shake the man's hand and then I sidled up and met him).

2. If money were no object, where in the world would you choose to go to for a 2 week holiday?
Considering it's only two weeks, I'd have to say Niue (that's a tiny island in the pacific it's claim to fame being that it's the largest attol in the pacific ocean and they call it the Rock of Polynesia). My father is full blooded Niuean and hasn't been home since he came to New Zealand when he was 19, he's about to turn 72 this year. So that's where I'd head, dragging my father behind me.

If it was for say 6 weeks, I believe I'd head for something more dangerous and challenging like an African safari, cos I love elephants and big cats lol

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Not one for big ideas when I was a kid (and a father that talked constantly about how important education was and wanted me to be a secretary), I 'wanted' to be a short hand typist, get married and have babies. I've done all that now and still not sure what I want to be later when I grow up 'properly'.

4. What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
Bourbon and diet coke (with ice) for sure. Although I became partial to strawberry margueritas when I stayed in Vegas recently (possibly cos they were free all the time), and chocolate martinits when in Ottawa.

5. Admit it – what reality tv show do you REALLY like?
I enjoyed the Survivor series when they were dropped into Africa, but can't say I watch reality tv much these days. Fear Factor and eating pig stomach linings and bull's testicles kinda put me off watching that (it was usually on when we were having dinner). Oh, I will admit that I loved watching the "Makeover Extreme Home Edition", what they did for families on that show rocked!

Anyone that would like to be interviewed, feel free to ask me in the comments section of this post...just say "interview me" and I'll think up something to ask you. I hesitate to say this cos I believe that anyone that reads my blog has already been interviewed by others. But, keeping in tradition with the rest of this interview regime, the question is being thrown out there for anyone else who may like to participate. The first 5 people to ask to be interviewed in the comments will get their own 5 questions to answer on their own blog.
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