Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nothing Much Really

I was thinking the other day, with all this sun and heat we've been having recently, it could be time to purchase a barbeque. I did have one...but it went with my we have been a barbequeless house for the past 6 years or so now. I spoke to 15 about it. He said "what do we need one of them for?" "because you need to learn to cook on're male, and all males should know how to cook a good steak on a bbq" He rolled his eyes and then brought up the fact that we were supposed to be cutting financial corners, or so he thought, and this was a silly idea. He has a point. The bbq can wait til next summer...after my trip.

When I got home from work last night, I found that 13 had diligently put away the groceries when they'd arrived. This was great..I love the fact that I don't even have to go to the supermarket to get them...him putting them away was the icing on the cake. But..the kitchen floor was surprisingly shiny. He'd knocked over a bottle of olive oil. So I spent the next half hour mopping the kitchen floor.

The ceiling light behind my computer is having problems. Actually, it's not the light, I've already replaced it with 3 new bulbs (and they can't all be duds), so it's gotta be the wiring. As much as I enjoy the kick ass satisfaction of doing DIY stuff, I'm not keen to be trying to do it standing on a chair with my head back and piss arsing around whilst keeping my balance at the same time. Besides, what happens if I fall and crash through my computer? That would be like injuring my 3rd child. I'll have to call in a pro for this one.
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