Friday, February 11, 2005


Before I arrived in Canada last October, I stopped off in Vegas for 4 days first. My best friend has always wanted to go to Vegas, so we went.

I found it a loud, bright city that never goes to sleep but it was fun, and quite the experience.

First time I’ve ever had a go at craps and oh my god... I had an amazing roll of luck. I continued to throw 7’s to the point where strangers were calling me “baby” and applauding! I threw the dice so many times I could feel my right bicep growing and I was working up a sweat. (I only hit my friend twice with them bouncing off the table...serves her right for standing at the opposite end of the table I reckon). The dealer continued to place the dice in front of me, just out of reach until I finally realised that each time I picked up the dice I was leaning forward just the right amount for him. One ‘look’ at him was enough to have him start placing them in the right position for me, not for him.

My girlfriend spent that evening standing beside a member of the FBI, apparently there was a conference in town. Actually I’m not sure “standing beside” is the right phrase...she was batting her eyelashes, leaning against him, making innocent comments about handcuffs, and he was lapping it all up to the point where he was still there at the craps table at 8am the following morning. I know this because we had arranged to go to the Grand Canyon and the bus was picking us up at 6.15am. I basically swept passed the table enroute to the bus gathering her up along the way.

There really is no way to describe seeing the Grand Canyon. An absolutely spectacular sight. We could’ve quite happily sat there for hours just staring and taking it all in. The sun was shining brightly through the clouds, illuminating various parts of the canyon. Here I was, looking upon one of the 7 wonders of the natural world being highlighted by mother was breathtaking.

Something I noticed about Vegas…the streets were so very they have some special little elves hiding around every corner with brush and shovel? Do said elves leap out and sweep up cigarette butts and dropped candy wrappers, rushing back to their respective hidey holes again? We could’ve walked anywhere on Las Vegas Boulevard barefooted and returned to the hotel without anything but dust attached to the bottom of our feet.

I felt very secure in Vegas, the city has a certain feeling of safety that made me comfortable about walking around by myself and not clutching my valuables to my chest - all the time looking over my shoulder and glaring at anyone nearby. Before I’d arrived, I’d had major visions about harming strangers that even accidentally brushed alongside me, immediately and with great enthusiasm. I was pleased I didn’t have to bring that into reality.
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