Saturday, March 26, 2005


I've just spent time moving myself and the camera around the house, trying to prop the camera at different heights, angles, and putting myself through the same manipulation (no no not that kind). I've taken over 30 photos.

Some with the sun coming from behind the camera, some from camera perched atop the cabinet (not to mention on top of a rather large tub of handcream for extra height)....propped up on the tv (also handcream helper evident). I've had the camera sitting on top of the dresser in the bedroom...I've had it sitting on top of the handcream on top of the breakfast bar, and I've been leaning my back against the oven for crying out loud! Anything to find the right height and light to get a true reading of myself. I'm ready to go crazy and flash blind, and hate hand cream for the rest of eternity.

I'm gonna go nuts if I don't get this done this morning. It has to be done this morning, cos I know I won't have time this afternoon...and this afternoon it will be turning midnight in Canada and thus his birthday.

I guess I could ask Alice to come take the photos but hell, I feel like a dork enough as it is taking cheesey pics of myself.

This has GOT to happen, fuck it!! *chucks handcream across the room*
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