Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And so it begins...

Hey, thanks guys for the support. I went to the meeting last night and felt extremely overwhelmed with it all. There's so much information to take in. Think it would be easier if they just wired my mouth shut, then I wouldn't have to think in WW terms.

So anyway, keeping in line with my new eating regime, I started today. Problem I had was I hadn't done any shopping so there was little I could eat from the fridge or pantry, except for items really high in point value. Those points are going to drive me potty until I get them sorted...already, by the end of the first day I am seeing a point value in everything around me. I did manage to stick within the food 'budget' for the first day though regardless. Yay me!

And that being said, I promptly came home from work this evening, came online and went straight to the Woolworths site and ordered. lol (don't know why I'm laughing, I'm already fed up with it and feel like fish and chips, which I haven't eaten in months).

But...I have been doing more thinking goal-wise. Next February when one of my closest friends gets married, I've been asked to do a reading at the ceremony for her and her lovely fiance. Keeping that in mind, I've decided that when I get up in front of the congregation and struggle back tears while I read (cos I know I'll be such a cry-baby about reading soppy stuff for those I love), I'm going to look damn HOT!

Yes I am!....I'll be so hot the groom will want to run off with me. Ok, I don't really want that to happen, but I am going to look fabulous, tears an' all!

And that's all I have to say about that.
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