Thursday, March 03, 2005


H&B: Nothing new to report re I said earlier I'm taking things slowly....I don't want to disappoint him again and mess things up this's important I do this right. We're talking everyday, spending time together just chatting or playing some game you'd probably be aware, finding things to do together in this situation is limited, so we either play in backgammon tournaments or play literati (like scrabble).

He's champing at the bit to be able to call me his girl again..he's eager to rush over here and sweep me up etc.....and we're practically there, but I have to do this right...I'm scared of letting him down. I am however still saving money and cutting corners as much as practical so I can visit him again...this will be a long way off....after he comes here early next year.

So all in all, we're pretty solid...trying our best to keep it real and making sure we talk plenty about any concerns we have. Something else that came to me the other day...I like loving this man...I mean, I really like loving him. Things are's a wonderful feeling.

llCoffee: I'm so proud of youuuuu! Hope you get all you ordered and are happy with the way their system works. I got a substitute for a couple of things the first week, nothing drastic, but I persevered and learnt to navigate the site and I'm satisfied with it. Oh, and the snapping sound I heard when I first went into labour? was the membranes snapping, hence the watery dribble (bleech) <--- on behalf of H&B (I'm just lulling him into a false sense of security...the minute he relaxes about birth stories I'm going to hit him with 13's arrival.)

By the way, after all the hoorah at work this morning had died down, I dashed round the corner and bought me and Annette some chocolate cake and lattes. We felt we deserved it. I've a strong suspicion I'm going to gain 10lbs this week with all the comfort food I've been shovelling in. Oh, did I mention my girlfriend Alice has convinced (pounded) me to join Weight Watchers with her? Anyway, she did and I think considering all the changes that are happening in my life, I'm ready for another one. I promise not to turn this into another weight loss/gain blog....I still have the matter of quitting smoking to deal with yet. So there's a strong possibility that I could turn into a rather nasty bitch screaming on her blog about cream cheese and bagels.

Man, there are so many personal changes happening to me....this has GOT to be my year!
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