Monday, March 07, 2005

Clean Out

As I mentioned recently, Alice has emotionally blackmailed me into joining Weight Watchers with her. Tonight is the night, first night of signing up and weighing in and doing whatever it is that they do at these secret meetings behind doors.

Thing is, Alice can't make it, she's off to Hong Kong tomorrow, so will have to attend next week instead. Ok, I've been psyching myself up for this all week so I'm not going to wait another week and add another 10 lbs, so shall go on my own this evening (gives me a head start on the Alice competition hahaha).

I've noticed there appears to be a pattern forming food-wise for me this past week. With the big WW meeting looming in a matter of days I had eaten my way through a mince pie (it sat in my stomach like a rock), cream donut (thank you 15), roast pork with all the trimmings, butter chicken and two chocolate bars...these are things I wouldn't normally eat. I guess my mind was saying "hurry! quick! before they take it all away from you! *sob*"

I even cleaned the fridge out. Don't you just love tupperware? I do. And I have shitloads of it. The only problem I have with the stuff is that if you open, let's say, a tin of salmon, place it in said container and then leave it too long, you have to deal with it when you eventually take the lid off. And we all know what happens when you take the lid off right? It now resembles something other than what you originally put in there. The beauty of it being, you can't smell that...the horror of it being, you have to remove it somehow.

Here's what I cleaned out of some tupperware containers in my fridge the other day:

1. something that looked blue and powdery, but smelled so bad I was gagging as it was churning down the disposal; (formerly known as salmon)
2. leftover slimy, dripping lettuce leaves;
3. tinned asparagus with a blue powdery glaze
4. leftover sliced ham (which never seems to last more than 2 days before it starts to stink);
5. a half finished tin of chilli beans that have crusted around the edge and started to grow fuzzy white beards (thank you again 15).

I won't even go into the weeping tomatoes I found squashed in the bottom of the vege drawer, alongside the slimy black mushrooms (oh, too late, I just did).

I don't foresee this problem happening again...I feel once I start this WW programme, there's a strong possibility the fridge is going to be emptied by me almost as fast as it's replenished.

My fridge smells alot better now, go figure.
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