Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Complaints of the Day

1. Silent Lurkers: I received an email last week, from someone called Blake Rhodes. He is apparently a CEO of some website search thingy and said that he's now put my blog site on there, so should any of their search engine users put in something that's in the content of my blog...I'll end up in amongst those searches. Don't know how effective this is or even if it's the real deal. But what I do know is....a few days ago, my site counter jumped up 60 hits in less than an hour...last night while I was at work, my site counter leapt up 110 (this is a phenomonal amount of visitors for me). I'm becoming obsessed with checking my site counter!

Now, I can't help but wonder if these people have a quick look-see, utter "boring" and move on, or whether they're actually reading anything I bother to blather on about in here. And I say that, cos although the traffic appears to have picked up....the comments still remain from the faithful blog pack I've come to follow around like a lil puppy dog.

If you are indeed one of these such silent lurkers....please comment, so I know at least that you're real...even if it's to say how boring I can be, or for me to shut the hell up! Thank you.

2. Teenage boys bedrooms stink! It doesn't seem to matter how much they clean up, or shower, or use deodorant or whatever....their bedrooms still have that kinda teenage boy body and dirty sock smell. Why is this?? I have to say though....whenever I smell the Gilette or Lynx deodorant the kids wear each day, I'm under the impression there's a real bonafide man living in the house. And that, I rather like.

3. Why didn't my cat yell out the other night when she'd been trapped in the laundry?? She's more than capable of making shiloads of noise at 4 in the morning when she wants to be fed. It was a rather windy night, and the wind had pushed the window closed enough so she couldn't get out. Hence, the following morning, I opened the door to 'spread' her cat crap across the laundry floor. *gag* Not my favourite thing to do first thing in the morning (or any time of the day or night for that matter)

4. My boyfriend has a woman staying in his house at the moment, who seems to think the word 'no' means 'yes'. He's got his work cut out for him with this one and is concerned he's going to have to get nasty and say "fuck off and don't come back" to a friend he's known for over 25 years. Course, I'd be happy to say that on his behalf...and in keeping with Frally's most recent post "Get the fuck away from my man, you mother-fucking whore-bag!". Aaaaaaah, I feel better already. (See how rational I'm being about this? *sob*)

5. I didn't attend WW on Monday night, because I'd had such a naughty naughty week, that I didn't want to fork out $17 to find that I'd either not lost any weight at all, or god forbid, had actually put some on. And I didn't even have any chocolate!

6. Blogger seems to be playing up again. But maybe, just maybe, this post will finally get through.

Right, that's all I can think of for now....time I got myself ready for work. I've done my online grocery shopping already, and should I come home to find the courier's been thumping on the door, to the deaf ears of my kids...and the shopping bags are piled up against the ranchslider when I voice will reach new decibel heights.
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