Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cream Boy

It's 5.40am and I answer the phone sleepily to hear 15's weekend Boss saying that someone has just called in sick and could 15 cover for the morning please?

15 has been working at the local bakery for the past 18 months, saving up spending money for his recent trip to Japan. He scored the job as 'Cream Boy' which brought forth lots of comments about him wearing a cape and mask and striking a masculine pose for the tabloids after his latest creaming adventure. This position is basically the bakers' assistant and involves anything from filling the donuts etc with cream to washing down whatever and buttering cake pans. It's only once a week but he did manage to save $1300 to take with him for the 4 weeks he was gone (and would've taken a lot more if he wasn't spending frivously - when I discovered that, his EFTPOS (bank/ATM) card was removed from his being with a vitriolic serve care of moi).

I was proud of him for sticking with it...the job was tough and he complained about it alot but refused to chuck it in due to the money he wanted (he's very money orientated is this kid). Over the time he's been there he's seen a number of cream boys come and go and as such I give him plenty of credit for hanging in there. It's the 6am starts in the weekends that are a killer, but he's still going to Dad's every other weekend, so we share the broken sleep.

For the last two Christmases 15 has reluctantly got himself dressed in a Santa Claus suit and walked up and down in front of the bakery ringing the bell and handing out vouchers to people passing by. He had to do this 4 days in a row each Christmas, and of course, with it being Summer over here, a Santa suit is not cool attire. 13 and I were instructed that under no circumstances were we to visit him during this time, he didn't want us to see what he looked like in this get up. Later that day 13 and I did a 'drive by shooting' with the camera.

The little kids loved him of course, and he was great with them. He came home one day and told me that one child had pushed himself forward and asked "Who gives you presents Santa?". Thinking quick on his feet he replied "I don't need presents, it's gift enough for me to give them to all of you" (*snort*) A young voice was heard from the back "See? told ya!"
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