Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dancing and Trohpies

I went out last night to the softball club's prizegiving evening. Always a good knees up, and usually a whole lot of people getting merrily drunk and dancing in all sorts of manners.

There's the typical style of two people dancing about 2 feet apart, not really looking at each other, but occasionally smiling in the general direction of each other; the groups of girls in a circle that a brave male dances right into the middle of and gets loads of whoops and hollers as he's strutting his stuff; the married middle aged couples who you can tell have been dancing together for years because they kind of mirror each others moves. There's also the "I'm so Drunk" dancer, that doesn't give a toss they're the only one on the dance floor, cos they're so well gone on booze they're having the time of their lives despite having just thrown up in the loo and are back on the dance floor with their zipper down or worse yet, for the ladies, the back hem of her skirt tucked into her knickers.

Ah well, if nothing else, was a thoroughly entertaining evening with good music, company and food. Won't mention the food too much, cos I didn't really eat much at all that's points worthy and besides I do believe I drank my fill of points for the next week.

I didn't actually play softball this season....I played so badly last season I thought I'd give the humiliation a miss this time around. Pre-season training started while I was away overseas last September and that was enough to cut the bare thread that was holding me on to continue for this year. Catching up with my old teammates from the past 7 years was great...there were new faces to meet of which was awarded 'Most Outstanding Player' for the season...I later found out this fabulous new player is now standing in my position on first base. This of course confirmed for me, that should I choose to go back to the game next season, I will most likely be watching from the bench.

When my girlfriend and I put this social team together 7 years ago, it was due to watching our spouses play every weekend, and deciding that maybe, just maybe, it would be more fun to play than just sit and watch. And therefore team NFI was created. NFI stood for 'No Fucken Idea', (which we felt appropriate because none of us really knew what we were doing) but what those initials stood for became a bone of contention with the then executive committee...they didn't like was coarse and unladylike and not a name they'd like the club being associated with. So we changed it officially to *drum roll* NFI, now meaning New Found Interest (haha, more than one way to skin a cat, reeoow!) and thus we were accepted onto club grounds.

Anyway, back to last night (I'll write more on my softball career later I think). Apart from the seperate team trophies, there are approximately 15 big trophies awarded for overall club things, most outstanding, club personality, club contribution etc. Last night my ex husband was awarded "Best Club Person for the Year". This is a relatively large shiny cup atop a block of engraved wood, that has a small silver softball mitt attached to the top of it and I know this because I received it myself a couple of seasons ago.

I spotted my ex coming in from outside after he'd finished having a cigarette (and probably talking a whole lotta crap to someone out there) and went over to him. "Can I give you a hug?" I have to ask this, his girlfriend and her watchful eye are forever upon what he's doing and who he's talking to, and she's one scary mama, so I aint messing with her, not to mention causing him any more problems. He throws his arms out and replies "Sure! Why not?" (Hm, too enthusiastic, he must be drunk already.) I hug him "Congratulations"... "Thanks!"....."You're welcome. And you know what the best thing about this trophy is?"...."What?"... "I'm on it first" HA!
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