Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dinner Out

15 went out for the day, expected home around 5pm....13 hung out at home doing not much at all and I spent the majority of the day doing housework and then catching up on reading blog material...I go in each day to check, and lately I've noticed that either 1) your posts are being held up in blog ether or 2) you lot aren't posting daily like normal. I say this because I've been checking daily (yes, I repeat repeat myself) and there's nothing new to read...then whammo! I go look this morning and I have days of blogging spendour to read to catch up. Odd.

By 4pm 13 and I are starting to get real hungry....we decided that once 15 called to say he was ready to come home, we'd go grab him and go out for dinner. By 4.30 my stomach was growling and 13 was looking woefully thin....I had to stop myself from ringing 15's cellphone to say we're on our way.

He rang at 5.20....we raced out the door, drove dangerously round several corners to collect him and went and parked our butts on seats at a local Indian restaurant. I'd been there once before, the boys hadn't. I say "Let's all order a different dish so they can lay them out in the middle of the table and we can try each's good to experience different flavours". I knew what was coming next. They both want to order Butter Chicken. We grapple over this for a while and I start getting irritable....I need food. I give in....may as well give them something I know they'll eat for sure. They order Butter Chicken, I order Chicken Tikka Masala. I love butter chicken, but I wasn't going to be a sheep and have us all eating the same meal.

The food turns stomach cheers....I insist the kids each try some of what I'd ordered... they do so reluctantly. The next thing I know, my meal has gone (I think they inhaled it) and there is an abundance of Butter Chicken to be had.
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