Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Fable for the Day

Busy day today.

Very busy at work this morning, no dramas like last Thursday, but constantly busy and didn't leave until well after my shift was supposed to finish. No worries, it happens sometimes.

I get home, do some housework and feel proud at how shiny and clean looking and smelling my bathroom and toilet are. My kitchen is clear, the dishwasher is churning away, the washing is all folded and put away. Life is feeling in control.

Off out the door to get my hair cut. I really got my hair cut. Before I put my foot through the door at the salon, I had long straight thick dark hair....long enough to almost reach the small of my back. I now have hair just past my shoulders and what's more, with lovely stripey kinda golden highlights in it. I love it, so I'm happy and so is my hairdresser when I paid the bill.

There was shitloads of my hair all over her floor, and she said "you know? we could thin it out a bit more if you like, it's not like you don't still have enough of it". "Yes ok, why not? may as well do it while I'm being so brave today". It's layered and light and going to be so much easier to take care of and cost so much less to look after because I put shitloads of product in my hair to produce that 'shiny, healthy' look. Blah. But that's only cos I know I'm worth it *groan*

Anyway, as she's sweeping up all the hair that is slowly dying on the floor, I have a light bulb moment and cry "wait! give me some of that!". I get down on the floor trying to find a 'curl' of it or something that resembles a curl, which is ridiculous when you have/had straight hair. I find something I'm satisifed with. Now, the other night Canada was talking about some of the things he missed about me after I left that gorgeous country of his....and one of them was the smell of my hair. So...the sentimental twit that I am, I thought I'll grab a lock of that and send it to him when I send off the next parcel...yeah, like he's going to want some dead hair arriving in the mail. End of the story....I forgot about it and I left it behind. Blah again.

I get home, make dinner for the boys, have myself a WW frozen meal of macaroni cheese (one of my favourite meals in the whole world) was disgusting, bleech, won't be buying that again. A couple of hours later I go in to use the toilet (as you do) and feel like yelling "Who the hell did that to my toilet??!" BASTARDS, the lot of 'em!

And here endoth the short story of the toilet and the hair.

The moral of the story is: Don't concentrate too much on the hair, cos the toilet is going to get it while you're not looking. hahahaha *bashes head on computer desk*
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