Friday, March 18, 2005

Glorious Fog

Just dropped 13 off at school. The fog is so low out there I could barely see where I was going. Wellington Airport is closed due to these low flying clouds. In fact, there are no planes at all at Wellington Airport, because they all flew out yesterday and haven't been allowed back in.

The surburb I live in is quite high up on one of Wellington's hills, so we get to experience this foggy phenomena up close and personal like. I drove to the school with the lights on, as you do in such conditions, obviously you want to be seen by other motorists if at least you can't see where you're headed. The amount of cars out there without their headlights on astounded me. And OMG, the ones I spotted were silver and white...what the hell is up with that??...were they playing a game of cat and mouse? Ghost riders perhaps? Of all the colours least likely to be seen in this weather, silver and white have got to be the worst. Stupid people like that must like dealing with their insurance companies. Anyway, that was my short rant for the day.

Canada is going to a baptism this weekend. His niece's. Now, let me just tell you, Canada is in fact actually a Canadian Greek, although he prefers to be categorised as Canadian because he doesn't like the way "they're so arrogant and feel they're more superior than other nations, it drives me nuts" (his words, my apologies to anyone who may be offended by that comment). His brother, father of the baptism girl, is a bloody twit, and falls into the Greek arrogant class....everything has to be bigger and better than anyone else's as far as he's the baptism is going to be a large affair. There's actually only going to be less than 70 people attending...but from all accounts it's going to cost close to $10,000!!!

I've sat here listening to him worry about his mum getting up at 5am each morning to cook various greek dishes to help cater for this event...listened to the frustration in his voice when he mentions his brother and the newest lame-brain scheme he's become involved in...sympathised and understood when he's also voiced his frustration at not having me over there to attend the ceremony by his side.

Yes, I've listened to this, made the right noises and nodded my head and rubbed his back (well, you know what I mean)...and the whole time I've been mentally drooling about the amount of food and what kind of food they're all going to be stuffing their faces with. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!
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