Saturday, March 19, 2005

Haloscan has Arrived!

After trying to post comments on several of your blogs recently, and worn a path in my carpet from the PC to the kitchen waiting for them to load up, I have given in and installed Haloscan. I have to admit, I never tried this before (even after reading that some of you have given up on posting on blogger comment because of the delay) due to it being another one of those things I'd have to tell 15 that I wasn't capable of getting my head round, and dragging him out of his bedroom to do for me.

This was the most simplest of exercises I've ever done on my blog with HTML. I was rapt it was so friggin easy!!

I have tried on many occasion to be patient (clipping toenails, filing fingernails, plucking eyebrows etc) whilst waiting for blogger comments to open up for me...and then sat here in pure frustration that it STILL is not happening! Raaaaarrrrr!

So now, my sanity has been restored and I have that at least, anyone who may wish to pass over the frustration and comment on my blog, is able to do so.

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