Saturday, March 26, 2005


I'm not sure what I've done here but I think I've downloaded Hello and installed Picasa 2 and have been mucking about in here trying to figure out how to post a picture, just in the editing part of my profile.

I say I don't know what I've done because I've farted around so long and invited and added and clicked on 'blogger' and then it tells me that "blah blah" (my sign in name) has sent 3 pictures! As far as I was aware I only sent one and I can't even see where they or it have been sent *sigh*

I was going to try being funny and post one of these ridiculous baseball shirt pics as my profile photo for a few short hours, so you could all have a laugh at my expense but alas, I still haven't achieved it, and someone somewhere could be already gasping at my audictity at sending them a baseball shirt/underwear shot of me standing in my lounge with a whole shitload of evidence I need to do some housework in the background.

I never thought I was a thicko, but man, this blogger and HTML stuff is really starting to undo me. *stomps outside to hammer some loose nails into the side of the house to vent some frustration*
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