Friday, March 25, 2005

I really am a Spoon

Well, here we are on Good Friday. Easter is a busy time of year for cross buns and all that points-heavy-forbidden food stuff.....and 15 had to start earlier than usual today. So, this morning at 4.40am he's in my room waking me up...and 5 minutes later I'm walking down the stairs to the car to transport him to the bakery. (Are you impressed with me, only being awake for 5 minutes and then being in control of a motor vehicle? I am).

Some good news about this Easter stuff....I read in a book the other day....that chocolate is rated as a low GI food. GI stands for Glycemic Index...and the lower the rating, the longer the food keeps your tummy full (or something like that). Considering the fat content and the high point value of chocolate, I think I'm well capable of finding something else with a low GI rating that is less harmful to my cholesterol level. Mind you, wholegrain bread does not make me swoon at the smell of it like chocolate does these days. So there's a little trivia for you, if you don't want to feel guilty about eating chocolate eggs over the Easter break.

I have so many birthdays happening now and coming up...yesterday's was a dear online friend of mine from Toronto whom I met in person (53)...she came and stayed with me and Canada for a week in Ottawa. Today is my best mate's (34)...tomorrow is Canada's (46) godson's is on Tuesday (5), so also a big day, starting school....13 is becoming 14 next Sunday, my brother in laws 40th is being celebrated next Saturday night....the following Saturday night, a close softball teammate is celebrating 40 as well....and the following weekend, my favourite baby in the world (Jaimee) is turning 1. Where the hell am I going to get all this money from??

This year, due to the fact that I'm still trying to save like mad to get an airfare together (which is not easy to achieve on a part time wage with two teenage boys in the house)....instead of sending a parcel to Canada, I've decided to try doing the 'timer' thing with my camera and take a photo of me in my NY Yankees baseball shirt for him. He's been going on about the fact he wants to print out a recent pic of me to frame for his dresser (how cute), to put alongside the ones he has of his daughters. So, tomorrow, in between shopping for easter eggs for the boys (no, I really haven't done it yet)...meeting a close friend for lunch...and catching up on housework when the boys are gone....I'm going to attempt to take a pic of moi for him. I was thinking maybe...undo a few extra buttons at the front, show off some pretty white lacey bra with a small view of my magnificent cleavage...put some extra eye makeup on...and wa la! Hm..does that sound like I could be taking a pic of a tart in a baseball shirt? It's going to be trial and error, I can feel it in me bones.

13 just had a phone call from one of his mates. He's coming over to spend some time with him today....13 comes out of his room to say "Um Mum, he's coming over right now"...."oh? are you telling me it's time I got dressed?"....."In a way, yeah"....(I'm not long out of the shower, so I'm sitting here in a towel).

I stood up and said "well ok...*sauntering towards him as provocatively as possible*...but don't you think I look really sexy like this?" *pouting lips*....he's laughing at me..."oh god Mum, you really are such a spoon".

I walked up the hallway to the bedroom, my parting shot "Yeah well, what do you expect? I lived with your father for 15 years, he's the biggest spoon of the lot, it's a hard habit to break".
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