Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Move Over Trade Me

I've just finished doing my grocery shopping. I love shopping with Woolworths online. I don't have to nagivate the aisles or wait at the checkout, and they deliver it right to my kitchen each cool is that?! Ok, yes I do have to pay extra for delivery fee ($11.95 for orders over $100) but I figure that I save squillions as well because I'm not throwing whatever I fancy into the shopping trolley if I spy it on the shelf. And that my dears, I'm sure, is the key to some of my overspending. 13 is getting a tad tired with the shopping online thing, he rather enjoys the extras that I chuck in the trolley I think. This morning I told them I was going to order some groceries and did they want anything in particular (the tissues arrived in last week's order) he said "Can we just do some normal shopping for a change?" Amazing that that comment comes out of the mouth of a kid that absolutely despised going to the supermarket with me before.

I've been doing this for 3 months or so now and I have no complaints about what's turning up each week. Any meat, veges, fruit or bakery items received are fresh fresh fresh! I don't think I've bought them that fresh off the shelf before. Some odd items I've received have purely been my own fault for not reading the brand name or weight measurements on screen time I even received 2 large cannisters of black pepper that I never ordered. I rang to report and was told they'd make sure the correct recipient received another two and I could keep them. God knows what I'm going to do with all that pepper.

Last week I received a 'bonus' item. It was a free sample of frozen vegetarian canneloni and I ate it for lunch, was rather nice. I've even had the packers write the occasional personal messages on my invoice telling me to have a nice day and their customer services department has rung me 5 times over the last few months to see if I'm happy with everything and can they help me with anything.

Perhaps I'm the only lazy son of a bitch that orders from them and thus their best customer.
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