Thursday, March 17, 2005

Pie and Patience

My body is crying out for hot apple pie with lashes of whipped cream! body wants kentucky fried chicken WITH all that fatty skin...I want lollies! Lots and lots of them til I feel sick and have a delirious case of the shakes.

I would feel ill when all that greasy chicken fat drizzled down my throat...and the sugar from the sweets would make me nauseous and tired after a short burst of nothingness...but the apple pie and whipped cream?...GIVE IT TO ME!

*takes a deep cleansing fat-free breath*

I've been reading Happy and Blue 2's latest post about things that others rant about and the zillion or so comments that have been added to it.

I have to say that as I read my way through all this, I could relate to everything you all mentioned. It drove me nuts thinking back to those times of got me sooooo wound up!

There are so many things that get on my nerves (the least of which is not having apple pie and whipped cream in front of me). Slow walkers, fast walkers pushing past me, people in the supermarket that leave their trollies in the middle of the aisle as they're wandering up and down adding things and getting in the way of everyone else.....anyone in the service industry that used to ignore my children as they were waiting patiently to be served, yet serving all the adults around them instead.

That last one has been a pet peeve of mine for many years. I've often seen adults push ahead of my children at the deli or the picture theatre kiosk or wherever, to get served first, regardless of how long and patient my sons have been. I've stood back to see how the boys react to such rudeness, always straining myself from leaping forward and swatting them "How dare you? Who made you the Queue Jumper Sherriff? Now, fuck off, my son was here first!!"

Course, that would hardly be a good example to set my children would it? How are we, as good parents, supposed to teach our children respect for adults and the art of manners/patience, if there are adults out there, that are going to ignore it all in such a way? I'm sure whenever someone pushed in front of the kids all it achieved was to piss them off.

A couple of years ago, a female patient in her mid 40s, had a heart attack in the waiting room. After 45 minutes of the doctors and nurses working on her, unfortunately she didn't make it. It was a busy time of the day in any surgery, and the waiting room was filled with patients. One man in his early 50s actually complained that he had to wait so long for his doctor....and this after seeing that very doctor on the floor not less than 3 feet away from him, trying to help a dying patient. What the hell is wrong with some people??!!

Ok, I've done my blog post for today...and a bloody long one at that...NOW PASS ME THE PIE!
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