Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Short and Tall of it All

Work was fairly mundane this evening. I have to admit, I really don't enjoy the evening shift too much...especially after daylight savings has ended. During the summer, when I finish at 9pm, it's still light outside and I still have some energy left in me. When Winter descends, by 6.30pm it's dark and I'm sitting behind the front desk thinking that it surely must be time for bed. Driving home tonight was nothing short of dangerous and hair-raising as the fog is still thick outside and makes driving at the usual speed almost impossible. It's been like this for days, the airport is still closed and this morning as I drove through the mist to drop the boys at school, I had visions of it never ending, which was awfully depressing.

13 is going to change his name to 14 shortly....in less than two weeks, he's going to be 14 years old. This evening when he hugged me goodnight before bed he added "I hate my height". Ok, he's always been slightly shorter than average, but then so are a lot of others, and they tend to sprout almost overnight. I'm kinda hoping that will happen for him. For me, he's actually an average height for his age, but to him, he feels that he's the shortest kid at school. Not so, I've seen a lot shorter.

Course, it doesn't help him much that 15 is above height for his age, and has always been fairly above average height wise. 15 is almost a foot taller than 13. My two boys are like chalk and cheese to look at. They're only 19 months apart in age, but one is tall and lean, with dark curly hair and olive skin (he takes after my brother in so many ways physically); the other is average height, solid build, blonde straight hair and fair skin (he's the spitting image of his father). I always reckon that when 13 came along, his Dad was rapt that he finally had someone in our family that took after him. I used to worry that people would look at my sons when they were little and think I was a harlot of some sort that had two children to two different men so close together. What a putz I am.

When I came home from Canada last year, 13 had sprouted about 4 inches and lost a lot of his puppy fat. All in just a month....so I reckon he's going to be just fine.

And just as a warning for you H&B, I shall be posting 13's birth story shortly....possibility on the day of his birthday, so it'll give you some time to get your bucket ready, should you feel the need to 'bleech' your days food takings into it!

Now, what am I going to get that kid for his birthday this year?? He has a TV and computer in his bedroom, a PS2; he had one of the very first Nintendo Dual Screens in New Zealand because I pre-ordered it and paid for it while I was overseas, and when it came in they rang Canada, who duly shipped it over here for his Xmas present. I refuse to buy anymore consoles for either of them. I think we're going to have to go for PS2 games and money or something. Sometimes I wish he was still only 2 years old, he'd be so much easier and cheaper to buy for!

Right, I'm off to bed...I am in the throes of that time of the month, screaming full force at me, and I'm knackered for sure (which hopefully justifies some of this nonsensical rambling tonight). Goodnight All.
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