Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sleepless in Ottawa

Canada has a good friend of his staying from overseas....from England to be precise. She arrived this afternoon, and for the past few weeks, he's been getting himself prepared for the onslaught of this woman.

This lady was a regular bonk buddy for him and between the two major relationships in his life, she was always available...he loves her as a good friend...she's in love with him....and regardless of how much he'd tried to tell her differently, she would still continue to ask him if she could pack everything up and move in with him. (This is a complicated scenario and I won't bore you with the details.)

Anyway...I never realised just how worried and apprehensive he was about her visiting. Last time she stayed was over 17 months ago...and prior to our relationship. This time around, he made it clear that under no circumstances would she be sleeping in his bed...and as such made up the spare room in preparation for her. Besides doing that, and cleaning the house from top to bottom (as you often do when overseas visitors are coming to stay)...he installed a lock on the inside of his bedroom door....and he's left out a tube of cream in the bathroom, that could give the impression he's got an infection down below...bit drastic I thought, but he knows her best.

She'd been in his house for less than two hours and she'd already tried it on. Don't suppose you can knock the woman for being so persistant. I know this, because the silly man was still awake when I got home from work at 9.20pm (4.20am his time) as he couldn't go to sleep. He also told me he's thinking of staying awake for the 21 days that she's there. Thinking and doing, are of course, completely different things and it would be foolish of him to try. But he's never really needed a huge amount of sleep, so I wouldn't put it past him to make the effort to stay awake that long.

During our relationship, he's been living on New Zealand time, just so he can spend more time with me. He basically sleeps when I sleep. All his friends know not to ring him before midday. Just as well he works from home is all I can say. When I spoke to him this morning, before he picked her up at the airport, he sounded down and so tired I wanted to smack him and shove him straight into bed.

This evening I was expecting him to be in bed by the time I got home. But nope. And guess what? He's sick. He was coughing and spluttering down the microphone at me...sick as a dog. What's more, he's ecstatic about it! He thinks it's great...because now he feels certain she'll stay away from him. Geez, she sounds like a scary kinda girl.

The last thing I want to be dubbed is a nagging bitch by my boyfriend, but it's difficult when he lives so far away and I have no way to look after him in the physical sense. Trying to get him to go to bed early is utterly hopeless. He just refuses and stays up until he hears me yawning my head off. That's his sign that it's time for him to get to bed too. I've even tried feigning it, but he knows me so well, he sees right through it.

As much as I trust him on this issue...on any issue....I've tried to tell him that we need to be realistic about our situation, and that should anything happen...then I would understand. Saying this only angered him...and he told me that if he actually has sex with her, then he would have to question his love for me. Ok, I can understand that...and I'm not encouraging him to sleep with her...I wouldn't like it much at all...but I'd still understand.

Blah blah blah....as you can tell by this post, I'm tired and should be in bed myself. I apologise for not being very interesting. Time to hit the sack *yawn*

Night All :)
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