Sunday, March 13, 2005


Thank you for your support about 13 guys, I really appreciate it.

It really is difficult to watch him lash out in such a way.

As far as the school counsellor is concerned, I've had raving reports about him and in fact when 15 first started college he was struggling to settle in and having problems with bullying, so I sent him to the same counsellor. The first session he had, I asked him how he felt about it (he also, like 13, was feeling nervous about talking about his problems with someone he didn't know). But he came home and told me "You know? I feel like I can tell that man just about anything now" which gives me hope that he falls into the category of the latter counsellors. Fingers crossed for 13 anyway.

And what a fabulous idea about 13 starting his own blog. I'll put the idea to him when he comes home from his Dad's this weekend and see how he feels about it. I'm not sure he'll be so open to the idea, but it's worth a shot. Thanks heaps :)
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