Wednesday, March 23, 2005


For the past couple of months, off and my spare time...I've been playing Zuma hard out. It's driven me nuts to the point where I have been laying in bed at night seeing coloured shiny balls rolling and exploding through my dreams.

Today I finally managed to get to the last round and clock this game. OK, so it looks like I'm a dweeb for even playing it, but when I'm sitting here talking to Canada on the headset, I get restless and I have to be doing something other than just staring off into space. In an ideal world, he'd be right here in my living room and we could watch telly together without even having to say anything. You know, that silent companionship thing? However, having an online relationship of this kind, you can't do that. You can't just sit here watching tv saying nothing...what would be the point? You may as well shut down the pc and go watch the tv *sigh*. And so, to have at least one part of me moving while I chat and listen to him, I've played Zuma to make me feel like I'm achieving something besides sitting on my chuff.

Anyway, I have now officially finished the 13th hidden tomb of Zuma, and for my trouble, the ugly looking trollie beast thing that's been visiting me every three rounds is now so impressed with me, he said we will call each other I have "earned your place alongside me in the stars".

And now that I've written that rivetting information for the day, I shall take myself away to work. Au Revoir!
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