Monday, April 18, 2005

100 Things About Me (The Finale)

And now for some juicy personal bits about me;

75. I've shaved my pubic region once, and due to the itching it caused afterwards, I shall never do it again. I don't want to be hearing about all the creams or potions I could use to stop the itching...I'm just never going to do it again. It was an itchy nuisance.

76. I love to talk dirty during sex. It turns me on more.

77. Hearing the f and c words during sex talk makes me hornier. (Geesh, get me, I can't even type them out in full here, hence the "blah blah blah" in previous posts lol)

78. I've always been self-conscious of my body, especially when getting naked. Yet, once the first kiss happens, I completely forget about the scary naked bit and am totally involved with what I'm feeling and what I'm doing to make my partner feel good.

79. I'm a noisy kinda girl in the sack. Even biting the pillow doesn't tend to muffle me enough. (eg 14 coming knocking on my bedroom door a few years ago..entering and saying in an exasperated tone "Do you mind Mum? I'm trying to get some sleep!". This is about the time I realised my kids were getting older and not sleeping like the rocks they used to.)

80. I love the feel of fresh sheets against my newly shaved legs.

81. Somehow I've managed to break 3 vibrators. Don't ask me how, it's not like I'm throwing them around the room or anything, is it?

82. My boyfriend mailed me a 'rabbit' vibrator and it's tucked away in the closet at the's never been used yet.

83. I have some 'WomanZone' cream in the bedside drawer that's supposed to enhance orgasm. It's herbal. Never worked for me...I never noticed any difference. Fine print says "for best results, keep rubbing" duh!

84. I've never used chocolate body paint as part of sex play...although I do like the thought of licking strawberry yoghurt off my man's 'bits'. Never being a huge chocoholic, I reckon it would be too sweet and I'd feel ill part way through. Not a good look.

85. Obviously, in my relationship situation, I'm a firm believer in phone/headset sex.

86. I have never needed the use of lubricant (yet). "You're actually dripping down my arm" unquote.

87. The oddest place I've had sex is in the last carriage of a train. Straddling his lap, facing him.

88. I seem to be obssessed with my own breasts at they feel, how they respond etc. (Sad, sad, SAD!)

89. I used to play backgammon against my husband in bed. If he won, we had sex...if I won, I got to go to sleep. I became an accomplished backgammon player.

90. I've ended up on the floor at the foot of my PC during a particularly steamy cyber-sex chat with my boyfriend a couple of times. (No time to move to the laptop and bedroom, no kids at home, so why bother cutting the mood to move...easier to slip off my chair onto the floor if I want to lol)

91. All my nightwear is satin. Oh, except one...I have a two piece cotton pants thingy that my boyfriend loves because the top is too big and things have been known to fall out of it at opportune times for him. (He doesn't realise it's too big on purpose hahaha j/k but way cool bonus for both of us lol).

92. I loved hearing my boyfriend's deep throaty growl when I've dug my fingernails into his back or bitten his nipples.

93. I love giving head.

94. I can't always stay 'on top' for too long because my gammy knee starts to ache and cramp (damn damn DAMN!) I eventually figured this out by straightening that I'd end up with one foot pointing to his head, the other pointing to his feet.

95. I love the smell of a bedroom after a good romping sex session.

Now, back to my regular programme, so you don't think I'm completely obssessed with sex;

96. I have a non-convulsing type of epilepsy and take 800 mg of Tegretol every day to control seizures.

97. I have to take medication each day to keep my blood pressure in the normal range.

98. My real name is interpreted in the 'Baby Name' book as "honey bee".

99. I use the first 3 letters of each of my boys names together as my password a lot of the time.

100. I love my children, my boyfriend, my family and my life.
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