Tuesday, April 12, 2005

100 Things About Me (Part 1)

I'm going to attempt to do my '100 things about Me' in 4 lots of 25. So, without further ado, and in no particular order (but as they spring to mind)...let me begin:

1. I come from a family of 6. Four children, two parents. I come in second. Two sisters, and my brother is the baby of the family.

2. I'm the only child that was planned. Which could have me thinking I'm "the Chosen One". When I went through my teens, my father continued to called me "the good one"

3. I used to do a lot of singing on stage up to the age of 16. Came first in many talent quests and competitions and have sung on tv once.

4. I started smoking at the age of 18 and ruined my singing career (haha), so now I only sing in the shower.

5. I'm made up of all the colours of the rainbow. Nah...I'm half polynesian islander, my father is a full blooded Nuie island boy...my mother is part German, English and Welsh. (I always wondered how my grandparents got together during those years.)

6. I have two godsons. One is 17 and now lives up north...the other recently turned 5..started school...and in his first week was scolded twice for swearing and once for spitting in the library *sigh*

7. My mother was an animal junkie, so I grew up with lots of pets...cats, dogs, a horse, an aviary each of cockatiels and budgerigars...a hen house of bantam, little egg laying chickens...mohair guinea pigs (which my mother decided to breed, briefly, and the whole of the neighbourhood kids watched the birth of tiny ratlike looking beings).

8. My older sister ran away from home...and I helped her by packing some clothes for her.

9. My brother is a police officer, now working for the Sydney Police Force.

10. I have two teenage sons...one that looks like me...one that looks like his Dad...seems fair.

11. I've been pregnant four times. (One day when I have the strength to elaborate about this without any anger and tears, I may even blog about it....I won't hold my breath on that)

12. I had 22 driving lessons before I finally past my test and acquired my license. (Yep, it's not a typo, I really said 22)

13. I own a house that has a two bedroom self-contained flat/apartment below it. My house is starting to fall down around me...Idon't have the funds to fix it up. I want to sell but I rely on the income from my tenants.

14. I've been out of the country only once so far...Vegas, Vancouver, Power River, Ottawa.

15. My boyfriend lives in Canada.

16. My birthday is 22 June, and I'll be turning 40 this year.

17. I have a scar on my inside right thigh, when a bike I was sitting on the back of collided with a hedge and a screw went through my thigh.

18. I have a scar on my left thigh from running away from a boy when I was 8...jumping over a fence...and a stray piece of fence wire went through my thigh.

19. My first godson was born on 6th August...I met my husband-to-be on the 6th of August, and our divorce was official exactly 21 years later...on the 6th of August. We went out for lunch that day.

20. My second godson was born on the 29th of March, and is an independent stick of dynamite.

21. I have a bum left knee...injured in a game of softball by having a whole lotta woman throw herself at me to avoid getting out on 3rd base. I hit the ground...swore very loudly...got carried off the field, so they could continue the game....and ended up in hospital for 5 hours waiting for someone to see me (translates to; perving at doctors and orderlies for 5 hours).

22. The bone in my right thumb appears to be permanently bruised from when I was team catcher and kept catching the pitches in the palm of my mitt as opposed to the 'pocket'.

23. I've never hit a home run.

24. My bra size is 40DD (scraping the bottom of the 100 things barrel here).

25. We have a cat who is going to be 11 this year and if she's locked in the house for too long, she will crap in the bath or behind the laundry door (scraping around further inthe bottom of the 100 things barrel.)

Considering this became rather brain-hurty by the end of it, I do hope I'm able to think of another 75 things over the next little while. Suffice to say, my next list of 25 will not be tomorrow lol.
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