Thursday, April 14, 2005

100 Things About Me (Part 2)

For want of a better post, I shall continue my "100 things" list. Don't forget, these are in no particular order. Soooo, let's get on with it:

25. My father's hair is completely white now. He's 71 years old.

26. I have been going prematurely grey/white for the past 10 years, and have to dye my roots at least every six weeks. This sucks on a financial basis. But sucks more for me, cos I feel like shit if everyone can see obvious root growth lol.

27. I drive a 1999 Ford Laser XLR automatic hatchback.

28. My very first car was a dirty white Honda Accord.

29. My best subject at school was Shorthand Typing.

30. I was 'let go' (aka fired) from my first job as Engineering Secretary after 2 years...they felt I wasn't coping with the work load very well....three people were employed to replace me. Bastards!

31. My favourite colours are yellow (because it's bright and sunny), black (because I like the slimming effect it gives me) and white (because I look so good in it lol)

32. I'm a push-over as a landlady. My tenant's are terrible at taking advantage of me because I let them.

33. I hate doing I have a dishwasher. Now I hate having to rinse dishes and stack the dishwasher.

34. 14 has two jobs: to empty the dishwasher and feed the cat.

35. 15 does anything else his mother asks of him (including bregrudgingly dying her roots and painting her toenails on occasion). He's become the 'man' about the house.

36. My children's eyes glaze over as I lecture them on the values of life.

37. I'm a shocking procrastinator.

38. I tend to repeat myself a lot.

38. I tend to repeat myself a lot.

39. When I'm faced with adversity, I need time to block it out for a few hours, before I go back to it and rethink the situation...then I feel ready to do what needs to be done.

40. I'm great in times when other people are having a crisis. I do what's needed...then I fall to pieces after all's been sorted.

41. As much as I'm good at hiding how I feel...and making my facial expressions stay neutral...those that know me well can read my face like a book.

42. I hate feeling out of control.

43. I'm extremely organised in every aspect of life except my housework.

44. I loathe housework with a passion.

45. I like to think I'm a passionate woman who speak her mind.

46. I often hear my mother or father's voice coming out of my mouth, directed at my sons.

47. I was secretary of the local softball club for 6 years. I stood down this past season.

48. I don't like earthquakes.

49. Any time I hear sirens, I immediately take stock of where my children are.

50. I love feeling green grass against my bare feet. It helps me relax.
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