Friday, April 08, 2005

Alone Again....Naturally

No no, not alone...not really. In fact, I don't like being alone too often...that would mean I'd have to make a movie with me conducting an invisible orchestra and mouthing out the words to "All By Myself" it's best that I'm not alone all the time.

I've been a medical receptionist for almost four years now. Prior to that my work career has always been as a secretary or Personal Assistant to a General Manager, CEO, construction executive or the like and I have to say that now, I think this is probably the most enjoyable job I've had. I love dealing with the public...I love smiling at the patients....mind you, I don't enjoy gritting my teeth and trying to keep smiling at the difficult ones...but for the most part, I really enjoy what I do.

I have several favourite of which came in a couple of days ago...he's a very charming, quick thinking 72 year old gent...and omg, I could just imagine what he was like to deal with in his younger "hey days". I hadn't seen him for almost 3 months, and he came through the door, saluted me, said a cheery "Hello Gorgeous!", and then proceeded to tell me how much he liked my new hair colour and that it made me look younger. How on earth can I not warm to this man??

This is how his last visit went with me:

Him: "By the way, I really like that new dress you're wearing, that colour looks wonderful on you"

Me: "Oh, thank you...actually, I saw your name yesterday on the schedule for today, so I wore this especially for you....I knew you would like this colour"

Him: Well...that's why I booked yesterday....I knew you were a forward'd see my name on the list..and that you'd do your best to look good...just for me.

Me: "Oh...umm" *laughs* "Damn, you got me that time"

(For the record here, I don't ever wear dresses to work...but taking into consideration he could only see me from the waist up, I was happy to humour him on this one.)

Now, I probably just made him sound like a rather smooth talking dirty old man. But, he never says it with any tone other than flirtatious fun and with a twinkle in his eye. I can never be offended by him. He was probably extremely dangerous for females in his younger years. I enjoy bantering with him. Not true about the old chap that gives me the creeps, who comes in on a regular basis and continues to talk to my chest. He's either blind, or thinks I have no head. I don't class myself as someone who scares that easily, but I have to admit, when I see his car pull into the carpark....I find something to do out the back that makes my co-worker deal with him instead. He makes my skin crawl.

Anywaaaaaaaay....back to the origin of today's title. This weekend, well, as of today actually....Canada's overseas guest has gone to stay elsewhere for a few days....she's gone for the entire weekend. offspring are going to be at their Dad's all weekend....starting from this evening...soooooooo....that means, we're going to be at home.... all by ourselves....ok, so he's in his home...and I'm in mine..(a mere 14,000 miles away)....BUT....we're still going to be alone together...there will be no interruptions, no worries about having to curb what we want to say..or do for that matter. And keeping all that in mind...I'm going to keep this man extremely busy for most of the weekend...busy...busy....BUSY! Yep, he's going to be a busy boy indeed.

And thus, there is the explanation for today's title....we're going to be alone again...and that in turn will make us do what comes naturally.
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