Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Bleech-Free Birth Story About 13/14

Fourteen years ago today, at 3am, I woke up with what I thought was waves of nausea sweeping through me. Maybe it was something I'd eaten the day before? As I lay there thinking about this, I realised that these 'waves' were happening on a 6 minute roundabout.

That's when I came to the conclusion that it was more than possible I was actually in labour. Because of the way I'd gone into labour with 15's birth, this was new territory for me, so you have to forgive me for taking so long to come to that realisation.

I got up, was standing at the end of the bed rocking from foot to foot, and grabbed my husband's leg, giving him a shake. "It's time for the hospital". He sat up, reached for the phone and rang a good friend of ours, she answered the phone with "It's 3.30am"..."Yep, it is indeed"....."Oh, it's YOU....right, I'm on my way". She turned up 10 minutes later, basically climbed into our still warm bed, said "good luck"...and went back to sleep. She was there for 15 obviously.

I rang my mother and my girlfriend, Sheryl....they were both going to be present....I checked in on 15 (who was 19 months at the time)...and we got down to the car, with a few 'rocking stop' intervals, and made our way to the hospital.

This birth wasn't as dramatic as 15's. I wasn't expecting it to be as long (yeah ok, I know 4 hours is not long) but after 2 hours of labour I was starting to impatiently check out my watch...."It's been 2 hours already...when's this baby going to arrive??!"

Sheryl stood on one side of the bed, my mother on the other....each rolling contraction I had, had me changing the colour of their hands. My husband, sat on his own in the corner of the room...but, funnily enough, his voice is the only one I heard....his voice is the only one I paid any attention to.

The midwife and her student were constantly messing around between my legs (as they do)...then I'm told I'm allowed to start pushing....which I barely have time to waters burst.....Sheryl disappears gracefully down the side of the bed....I sit up "Where'd she go!?" a sharp burning sensation, 14 burst his way out into the world....and I was concentrating on the fact that one of my closest friends was down on the floor, being brought 'round' by my mother. My husband had stepped forward to the side of the bed. The midwife was concentrating on catching the baby while trying to avoid standing on Sheryl, who was now being guided, on her hands and knees, out the door by mum.

The beauty of this birth compared to 15's, is that hubby actually got to see 14 come into the world. The Doctor (who once again, missed out on being there on time) eventually turned up, took a look...."Everything seems to be in order here...I'm off back home to make my muesli".

He was born at 5.22am....6 lb 5 oz....and he was the spitting image of his father....his pale faced Daddy was very happy!
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