Sunday, April 03, 2005

Brithday Conversation and Cake

My youngest son turned a year older today (13 shall now be referred to as 14)....yesterday afternoon, a small group of his friends met down at the local swimming pool for a few hours and then came back here for dinner and to drive me batty with noise.

Nice bunch of young's some quotes from the dinner table conversation last night;

"My mum went pysco cos my sister made a fire out of the garden"
"I've eaten dogroll before. It was a really expensive one, and it tasted just like luncheon sausage, so it must've been ok"
I've eaten cat biscuits, they were kinda ok"
"I fell off the garage roof and broke my arm once"
"I stuck a crayon up my nose and had to go to hospital to get it removed"
"I got my whole body caught in an automatic door once"
"You know Rob next door? He cut his finger off with the lawn mower, it was really gross"
"I got a moth caught in my ear, it was flapping it was painful when they removed it"
"My Nana saved my life and made me vomit years ago"

I was tempted to bring out some of the old baby pics of the new born ones where he resembled ET....or the naked red splotchy ones...but I had already been given strict instructions to keep the photos away. "You know Mum, although I thought it was hilarious when Nick's mum showed us lots of pics of him when he was a baby...I don't want you to be doing that with my friends ok?" Darn, another potential embarrassing moment squashed before it could breathe. *sigh*

He had requested chocolate cake. So I baked one. I haven't baked a cake in years! He requested a big I doubled the recipe...and although it's not a HUGE cake, it certainly was more than enough for 8 teenagers. It was 14 inches x 9.5 inches and stood 4 inches high...I know this because I measured it specifically so I could tell you all....seeing as cake baking is not a regular occurence in our house, I must get as much mileage as possible out of it. (Please tell me you're impressed and I didn't measure up the cake for nothing). This morning there is more than half of it left I could've got away with baking a normal sized cake.

When they arrived back from the pool yesterday...I say to 14 "Hey, come check out my cake skills"....he enters the the kitchen and says loud enough for half the neighbourhood to hear..."Hey! It actually worked out properly!"
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