Thursday, April 28, 2005

Close Encounters of the Canuk Kind

As I'm sitting here and mindlessly playing Zuma, I'm thinking hard about a subject for today (yes, I know I just contradicted myself, thank you). Walker is talking to me on the headset...I'm telling him I feel so dog tired this afternoon...he says "Ok, well you could go and lie down for a while"..."No, I don't want to, I want to stay here with you"...."Ok...soooo...let's think about something you could post for today"..."No...I don't want to...I just want to be all my patients were this morning". If I wasn't so knackered, I'd cheer for the man and throw confetti or something...he didn't even sigh in weary frustration at my attitude...(unless he turned his mic off lol).

So, after thinking about what to post, I have decided to cheat this afternoon. I am going to post my entry from way back whenever it was...and tell you about the first time I met Walker. Our first meeting in October last year. A couple of you may have read it...but I'm thinking most of you haven't. Let me begin...

I met Walker for the first time at Vancouver International Airport. He flew 6000km so he could spend an extra week with me. I was staying in Vancouver for a week, and then flying onto Ottawa, where I was originally going to stay with him. But he didn't want to waste any time and came to make sure he had as much time as possible with me. I arrived at the Airport to meet him with butterflies and great anticipation. What if we didn't click in reality? What if there was no chemisty? OMG, what if we bored each other stupid and had to pretend all was the same??!

He rang me on his cellphone, he'd arrived a little earlier than expected and was waiting for me near the baggage carousels. I could hear the panic, the fear in his voice. He was just as nervous as I was. When I heard that in his voice, I relaxed...I became calm and strong. I continued to speak to him while I walked through the airport in search of the carousels. There was some confusion as to where I was...I mean...where I was exactly in the airport. He'd said he was by the luggage carousels, and I was indeed there...I told him so. "But I can't see you, and I'M here"....."Me too, and I can't see you either".

And then I saw him. I stopped talking, stopped walking...he was standing side-on..still talking to me on the phone. I watched and listened to him for about 15 seconds before he realised I'd stopped talking to him. "I can see you" I said quietly. He stopped mid-sentence, looked around and caught sight of me. "I CAN SEE YOU!" I yelled. We both burst into laughter and walked quickly to embrace and kiss each other. Lots of beaming smiles between kissing and hugging. It felt fantastic to hold each other. (As far as not seeing each other initially was concerned...that was thanks to a rather large sign near the carousels he happened to be standing behind. We were actually standing on opposite sides of the sign, doh!)

The next 6-7 hours we were on a bus (which went on two ferries) to get to our destination of Powell River where we were staying with yet another online friend. After that initial meeting, we were a little awkward with each other. We were travelling with a close friend of mine, and were very conscious about not leaving her out. We really didn't know what to do with each other for a little while. Small talked about flights etc. I suspect that had we been on our own, had I turned up at his door, we would've hugged, kissed and fallen into bed. I also think that was where some of the awkwardness came from...because we weren't alone, we were conscious of watching eyes, yet we were impatient to touch and kiss, explore and whisper to each other. (Ok, there's lots of "we"s involved here...that's what I wanted anyway lol.)

Originally, we had planned to fly from Vancouver to Powell River. But we decided it would be best to take the bus/ferry, so we had that extra time to get acquainted with being around each other physically. Afterall, we would be sleeping in the same bed that first night, we had to feel right and comfortable about that. It was night time, and dark, and during the bus ride he kissed me....REALLY kissed me....that was it...I relaxed against his chest and was lost in that kiss. God that man can the point where he had me groaning against his mouth for more. If my girlfriend wasn't with us on the bus, I would've dragged him to the back seat and probably been arrested for indecent exposure that evening.

Later that night, when we all went to bed, I went to him, so easily, so comfortably and so hungry to finally be in his arms. "Blah blah blah" *pant pant pant* "Boo-Yah!"

My girlfriend made it her business, to inform me, in all the supermarket the following day "Just a word of warning....we can hear everything through those walls....EVERYTHING". I replied "Oh ok... thanks for letting me that case I won't bother holding back from now on".
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