Monday, April 04, 2005

Don't Look

Today's post is going to be a bit of a vent. Ok, that's not too out of character for me....but the eventual subject could be. So in the interests of preserving my 'clean' reputation (I live in a fantasy world, I'm pretending I'm snowy white for a while, ok??), I recommend you don't read move right along....come back tomorrow.

Today, I am frustrated. I'm frustrated because 15 is home yet again....he's been sneezing and coughing much of the weekend, his sinuses are all blocked up, his throat hurts, blah blah blah. He barely got any sleep last night...and woke this morning still all stuffed up....thus he's here and in bed. I'm very lucky he's such a smart cookie, because if he wasn't, he wouldn't continue to achieve the A grade standards that he does. Last year he had 88 half days off school. 88! That's 44 full days! I count my blessings that he's got the intellect to cope with everything on top of his health. This year is his first big college exam year, so everything's gotta count.

Anyway, that being said...onto what I feel I really need to get off my chest today.

I'm sexually frustrated. I am so sexually frustrated I'm ready to climb the walls! I want some hot, steamy, wet and wild sex...and i want it now! I miss Canada every day but on days like today, I miss him to the point of screaming. I want to lay back in bed with him again....I want to feel his hands on my body....drag my nails down his back.....wrap my legs around his waist. I want to nuzzle his neck...get high on the smell and taste of his skin....I want to feel his hands buried in my hair and watch the expression on his face, as I take him in my mouth and make his head spin. Yep, I need some raunchy, grinding, slamming against the wall...falling to the floor....ripping ya clothes off ...grunting, groaning, loud sex. Everything, I want it all. Better stop there.

However, I will add...that the fact that 15 is home today...and the fact that I'm not so great at being a quiet kinda girl....there isn't anything I can do to relieve myself at this moment, that will go undetected.

Oh god, someone just shoot me now and put me out of my misery *sob*

Thanks for taking no notice of this post. See ya tomorrow when I'm feeling back to normal...whatever that is.
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