Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Feel Good (daa da daa da daa da da!)

Guess What?? I got Blogger of the Day on Denny's site today. I'm tickled pink about this. I'm feeling so utterly impressed with myself right now.

I've looked into this BOD stuff and seen that, Denny doesn't choose this for any particular post you've made on your blog...but takes into consideration the blog as a whole....so don't yall be thinking that I got it because of my desperate outburst of sexual needs yesterday...Our Denny's not got a shallow bone in his body...so I'm feeling chuffed and bouyant with extra bounce in my step today because of this temporary title. Thank you Denny!

I also have to add here....I was driving down the road last night....heading for the devil's scales of Weight Watchers...and what should come on the radio? but "You Raise Me Up"...of course, whenever I hear this song now, I immediately think of Denny and his website. And although I'm not a 'twilight zone' kinda person...I'd like to think that was the moment that Denny made the decision to give me his BOD. Yay for us and telepathetic baloney!

As far as the WW (Please don't make me stand on them!) scales are concerned....with it being two weeks since my last weigh in, I was very dubious about putting one foot on the shiny stainless steel plate...let alone two....I asked the lady "How many clothes can I take off?" she replied "As many as you like Dear"...."Well, with the way I've been eating the past couple of weeks, I'm thinking about getting naked...do you think anyone would mind?".

Anyway, after all my humming and haaing and the thought that I really should've gone for a pee first...and perhaps got more chopped off my hair...I climbed aboard the mother-ship of all scales....and found I weighed 1.2 kilos less than last time. "Eh? Are you sure?..Take another look". Nope, she was right...first time I'm glad to say I was wrong. 1.2 kilos...that equates to 2.7 pounds which equates to 43.2 ounces (I like this big number, thanks H&B). So I feel, I've managed to slip under the radar for now. No wonder my pants are starting to fall down on me (oh hush all of you, I know you think I let them slip on purpose).

And as for my sexual outcry yesterday....well, I'm all over that for now...thanks to my boyfriend and his smooth dulcet tones zinging down the telecommunication wires at me...aaaah, life is GOOD!

*Walks away smiling and singing "Ooooooohhhhh Can a daaaaaaaaaaa!"*
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