Friday, April 22, 2005

Making New Friends

This morning I opened my eyes to a beautiful sunny autumn day here in Wellington. I crawled out of bed, pulled the curtains back...and the sun came streaming through to touch my face and mix it's warmth with the contentment of my soul. Days like this always induce such motivation in me. I have a rather large bedroom window....and at various distances and heights, I have 4 different shaped Austrian crystals hanging along it's frame. This time of year is the best as far as the height of the sun is concerned for my crystals. When I opened the curtains this morning, there were immediately hundreds of tiny rainbows scattered across the interior walls of my bedroom..spilling out into the hallway and across to the walls of the bathroom. All I need to do is spin these crystals and I will fill the room with hundreds of moving rainbows, spraying themselves across my walls....dancing up and down like tiny laughing angels...all wearing a beautiful plethora of colourful costumes.

One such morning...when I'm FULLY awake and ready to take on the world....I shall spin all four of those crystals, crank up some Donna Summer music....and have my very own disco arena...right there in the centre of my bed. AND, I could even grab my hairbrush and sing into it if I'm really of a mind. Sounds cool huh? Well ok, maybe not....a private karaoke disco for one sounds lonely...actually, picturing that, it looks extremely SAD and lonely.

I staggered around amongst these gorgeous colours and got dressed into something that was unworthy of the angel's and their attire. (And yes, I can get dressed with my curtains house is high up enough for noone else to see in...there's no fishbowl syndrome going on here for me.) I left the house to buy some milk...14 has a real thing about milk...he's forever draining the last of the reserves...and never telling me we need more. I drove down to the local service station, which I think is about to become my favourite shops of all time. There behind the counter, is the beautiful Indian lady with her gorgeous accent...and her splendiforous moccachino skills. I asked her if she'd be there on Monday morning. (Monday is 25th April...and here in New Zealand, that is ANZAC's a national holiday...and more importantly, it's a day that we remember the troops that joined forces with Australia and fought in World War 1. Most especially on the beaches of Gallipoli. This day starts off with a dawn parade...a very sad sight to see elderly men, wearing their medals proudly and marching up the main street of town to the war memorial, laying reefs and reciting "In Flanders Fields" and "Lest we forget.."...joined by children and grandchildren of war veterans no longer with us. It's a very moving and emotional sight.)

Anyway (with all due respect to the ANZACs)...I digress...the main reason for me asking this lovely lady about Monday morning, was purely for selfish reasons. Most retail businesses are closed on ANZAC day until at least midday....most, that is, except the bakery that 15 works at. So I shall be up again at 5.30am and driving my son to work...and now that I know she'll be standing guard over her wondrous hissing, spitting and whoooshing coffee machine, I shall call upon her again to buy a hot drink to warm my hands upon that day. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and this lady. One I will nuture and smile upon and be delighted to cultivate over the winter at such early hours of the morning.

I drove back home behind a male cyclist. This chap reminded me of Happy and Blue...I say I drove home "behind" him because he appear to feel that the entire road was there just for him...and should I show some bravado and try getting passed him, there was a strong possibility I might end up mowing him down. The thought that came into my head as I was slowly biding my time, waiting to get around him was..."where are the moose and dead coyotes when ya need them?". Ok, I confess that wasn't the first immediate thought was "Hey! Nice ass H&B, shame about the knee".
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