Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Monday, Monday...

It's been one week since a few things turned upside down in this house. Last Monday, we found out 15's boss had died tragically in a car accident and that my youngest son had been misbehaving at school to the point I was called in to see the principal on the Tuesday morning. He was suspended.

Yesterday was the funeral. It was held at the Town Hall in central Wellington and because 15 wanted to attend, then of course I didn't want to stop him. I arranged for someone else to cover my shift so he wouldn't have to go alone. It was a lovely service. The Town Hall was jam-packed with people who loved and respected this man and his family. The pallbearers carried his coffin out of the auditorium to Elton John's "Yellow Brick Road". That's when I shed some tears. 15 looked sideways at me...you'd think he'd be used to me crying by now. 15 was strong, he didn't cry (although he told me later that he felt bad that he didn't, and wondered if there was something wrong with him). He did however, go through that awkward shuffling thing, about going upto the oldest son (21) to shake his hand and say how sorry he was for his loss. But he did it. I was proud of him.

At 5 o'clock the same evening, we met with the School Board of Trustees. My ex-husband, my two sons, myself and the guidance counsellor. The school read their report out, and the Board asked a few questions and had their say. When we got to say our bit, my ex-husband launched into how inaccurate the school incident report was, and how he felt the Principal had embellished the situations outlined in it...eventually I staid him by putting my hand on his arm. We were not there to point the finger at the school...we were there to put forward our case as to why they should allow 14 to continue attending this College. 14 wanted to stay...and WE wanted him to stay. His guidance counsellor was wonderful...by the time he'd finished having his say I could feel the atmosphere in the room relax.

The outcome was in our favour thank goodness. 14 is allowed to remain attending this college with the proviso that he's to continue seeing the guidance counsellor (who is feeling very positive about the progress being made)...he's to apologise to the Deputy Principal for telling her to "get stuffed" and should these Board members ever see him before them again, they say, their hands will be tied and he will no longer be welcome. In other's words, he'd be out faster than you can say "Jack Robinson". Obviously we are putting strategies in place, with the help of his guidance counsellor, to avoid this happening in the future.

I'm tired...it's been a harrowing 7 days and I'm exhausted....we all are. 14 is feeling extremely humbled by the support and love he's finally recognised in the rest of his family...and he was extremely thankful to the Board for listening to him and allowing him to stay at the school. I was very proud of how he handled this situation. He was remorseful and apologetic, and didn't fall to pieces during the hearing.

Once again I thank those of my blogger friends that gave me the support during this, it was a huge help. Thanks also to Canada (Walker) for listening to me endlessly about it, and putting up with the tears and frustration I lay upon him. Canada, Walker, Canada, Walker...I never know what to call you in my posts these days! Thanks honey.


If I surprised anyone with my post yesterday...well more to the point, the "100 things about me" numbered 75-95, all I can say is I wanted to do something completely different, and by having to think about those particular numbers it stopped me from thinking about the rest of the drama that is currently in my life. I make no apologies, afterall it still fits in with the title, and what I wrote was true enough...but I will go so far as to add one more to the list;

101. I have more balls (or stupidity) than I actually realised. (Who Knew??)
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